Taylor Neumann

TBS’ new game show The Misery Index is far from your standard game show — as an alternative of contestants guessing at mundane trivia concerns, they will have to rank genuine-life unfortunate experiences on a scale from 1-100. Achievable scenarios include things like having attacked by a bear, becoming breastfed till age 9, or even having your privates stuck in a shower chair. Yikes. But misery goes down very best with laughter, and you will be carrying out a lot of that with host Jameela Jamil (Tahani from The Very good Location) and the Tenderloins (the comedy group behind truTV’s Impractical Jokers), who assist “coach” the contestants via each and every scenario. We talked to Jamil about why she decided to host a game show now and what it is like functioning with these crazy guys, and even got her to reveal 1 of her personal embarrassing moments.

Why did you choose to join the show?

Jameela Jamil: They just mentioned “the Tenderloins” and I mentioned yes. That was generally it. That was the pitch. “Do you want to host a game show with the Tenderloins?” “Yes, please. Please, and when?” Generally, these had been my two concerns. Just before I even knew what the show was about, being aware of that they had been involved and how a lot I loved them created me actually excited. And I believed the premise of the game was actually funny and distinctive and just a actually excellent way of speaking about the way that humans survive by laughing their way via misery. And the show actually embodies that.

Had you met the guys ahead of or worked with them previously?

I hadn’t. I was just a fan from afar, and they’re actually major fans of The Very good Location. So we had been just actually excited to meet each and every other. … I’d heard amazing factors about them, what they’re like to operate with, and I can now confirm they are 100% the most extraordinary crew of guys to operate with. … They’ve been a tight crew more than 20 years, and they welcomed me like I was the fifth Tenderloin. I refer to myself as the “Tandoori Tenderloin” due to the fact of it. … I would do this show for 100 years. I like this show so a lot. It is so stupid and so entertaining, and I’d operate with them forever. … I’ve inherited 4 major brothers.

Share a bit on the strain level of the game’s format.
It is a pretty higher-strain scenario filming a show that people today are relying on you for life-altering cash, and they want to do life-altering factors with that cash. The pressure’s so on. We care so a lot. Sal cries in the fourth round each single time he’s in it. Every single time Sal gets picked for the fourth round, he cries. Which is my favored issue about him. He just cares so a lot.

Let’s speak The Very good Location. You are completed filming the final season — did you take something from the set?

No. I asked if I could have Ted Danson, but they mentioned no, that is illegal. So I’m hoping they’re going to send me a sign — I just want a sign of our neighborhood quantity.

What projects are you functioning on now?

I’m turning my Instagram account, I Weigh, into a complete organization. So I guess I’m a businesswoman. I’ve hired a employees of females, and we’re all going to smash the patriarchy with each other. … We’re going to develop an activism platform for young people today to teach them about how to be greater allies, and develop a space that is radically inclusive, exactly where they can really feel like each marginalized individual can locate somebody who appears like themselves on our pages. … I’m also writing a book! And hopefully there will be a lot more Misery Index entertaining ahead.


Let’s play our personal version of The Misery Index. What have been some of your most traumatizing experiences?
Worst job ever:

When I was 19, I volunteered to be tested on. It triggered me into eczema forever, so I actually hope that item by no means created it to industry. But that was genuinely my job for a year, just testing, drinking something, attempting something, placing any type of cream on, attempting out makeup in these healthcare trials, and I’ve by no means recovered.

Film that scarred you for life:

Scream. @#$% that film. @#$% that film to hell. I cannot be alone at evening in a residence due to the fact of Scream. It is impacted all of my living choices forever. It is impacted my rental choices. I’m haunted forever by that stupid scene exactly where the light comes on. … That film ruined my life.

Worst meals:

Oh yeah. Why do people today consume kimchi? I know it is very good for you, but it smells like anus when it comes out. Not right here for it.

Most embarrassing moment:

I had to interview Daniel Craig after, and I’d mistaken how properly I could match in my dress, and my complete dress exploded open at the back all the way up to the neck. [So] I had my bum out through an interview with Daniel Craig and two Bond girls. … Every person heard the dress split open. I had to nevertheless sit down and finish the interview, wearing my dress which was now just an apron. I had to moonwalk out of the hotel.

Worst date:

I after went on a date with a man who took lots of drugs ahead of we got to the cinema, and he’d taken a hallucinogenic just ahead of our date — which was at 6pm — so that is the sign that he was a drug addict. But I didn’t know. It was our initially ever date. And we went to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey, which is currently a incredibly trippy film. And if you are on acid and you watch that film at the very same time, you scream for two hours straight. And you and your date get kicked out of the cinema in front of everybody.

The Misery Index, TBS, Tuesday, Oct. 22