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US President Donald Trump says some American troops will remain on in Syria in spite of his get in touch with for them to be pulled out.

He mentioned a smaller quantity would guard oil fields when other individuals would remain close to Israel and Jordan.

His choice two weeks ago to withdraw US forces from the Syria-Turkey border area drew criticism even from some of his supporters.

Quickly soon after Turkey launched an offensive against former US allies the Kurds.

The US president once more defended his choice to withdraw, amid accusations he has betrayed Kurdish-led forces who have been an vital companion in the battle against Islamic State.

“Why must we place our soldiers in the midst of two substantial groups, hundreds of thousands potentially of individuals, that are fighting? I never believe so,” he mentioned. “I got elected on bringing our soldiers back property.”

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  • The individuals caught in the middle in northern Syria

But Mr Trump also mentioned the US had been asked by Israel and Jordan to leave a smaller quantity of troops in “a completely distinctive section of Syria”.

In a further aspect of the nation he mentioned US forces have been necessary to “safe the oil”.

Turkey moved against Kurdish-led forces in Syria with the aim of pushing them away from northern Syria and generate a “secure zone” for resettling up to two million Syrian refugees at the moment in Turkey.

Up to 300,00 individuals are reported to have fled their houses considering that the fighting began.

A ceasefire is at the moment in location to let for the withdrawal of Kurdish-led forces from the location but is set to run out at 22:00 regional time (1900 GMT) on Tuesday.

Mr Trump has not ruled out the possibility of an extension.

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Media captionWatch Mr Trump react to news of Turkey’s ceasefire

In a separate improvement, 3 present and former defence officials told NBC that the Pentagon has begun drawing up plans for a swift withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan in the occasion that Mr Trump orders an instant withdrawal as he did with Syria.

Mr Trump has been heavily criticised more than his choice to take away US forces from Syria.

The US Residence of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to condemn the president’s withdrawal of troops, with each Democrats and Mr Trump’s fellow Republicans approving the measure.

In an opinion piece in the Washington Post, Republican Mitch McConnell mentioned it was a “strategic error”.