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Back when The Umbrella Academy came out, I wrote this about Watchmen:

Alan Moore’s Watchmen is in all probability the ideal, most influential superhero comic of all time. An examination of the underlying assumptions and psychology of people today who would place on masks to fight crime, it practically single-handedly (bar Denny O’Neil) produced superheroes ‘real’ – or about as realistic as they ever could be, of course.

But it is a pretty dense text and whilst you can eliminate particular components of it comparatively conveniently – bye, bye pirates! – attempt to unpick it also a lot and you shed Watchmen‘s intrinsic field: what tends to make Watchmen what it is. Smaller wonder then that Hollywood spent forever attempting to adapt it prior to primarily producing a frame by frame adaptation of the comic, just with a slightly diverse McGuffin.

That density of writing signifies that in spite of its influence getting felt all through comics and Television, there have been pretty handful of straight-on ‘homages’ (aka rip-offs). No one has carried out ‘Watchmen in space’, ‘Watchmen on Middle Earth’ or something else.

A single of the other causes it is so hardly ever adapted is it is a “sacred text”. So great is it regarded, no element of it can be removed or changed without having accurate believers having the hump. Even Zach Snyder’s film version, which was practically a frame for frame adaptation of the graphic novel, ended up having into hot water for altering the ending.

To be fair, it was each a improved ending than the graphic novel’s and a required adaptation, provided the initial season finale of Heroes had currently applied it. But it tampered with the superior book, so it was excommunicated.

Dr Manhattan on Mars

Faithfully unfaithful to Watchmen

This leads to a issue.

You could do utterly faithful adaptations and get into problems with the only people today who care, but why bother – absolutely everyone may as effectively just study the book.

You could do anything that is an adaptation but does not appear like it at initial, but why bother – absolutely everyone may as effectively study the book.

You could do truly terrible prequels that add nothing at all, but why bother – absolutely everyone may as effectively study the book.

You could do truly terrible sequels that add nothing at all, but why bother – absolutely everyone may as effectively study the book.

But HBO’s Watchmen appears to have hit on a resolution.

Do anything that is utterly diverse with practically nothing at all in popular, however anything that is nevertheless clearly a sequel.


Quis custodiet?

Watchmen is the brainchild of Damon Lindelof. Lindelof is nevertheless notorious as the author of Alien-ruining snoozefest prequel Prometheus and Lost – you know the issue on the island with the terrible ending? – but he’s been quietly redeeming himself on HBO with the wrist-slitting The Leftovers.

Perhaps it is not also surprising then that Watchmen is a sort of Watchmen meets The Leftovers. Set in 2019 however also set in the similar “universe” as the original Watchmen, Watchmen asks… effectively, it asks a lot of issues, all associated to Alan Moore’s Watchmen. What would that planet would be like, 30 years soon after an alien psychic squid seemingly teleported into New York? With term limits removed, would Richard Nixon nevertheless be president or would we – for instance – have a left-wing actor as his successor? How will the original Watchmen, Minutemen and co be remembered? How would all of Dr Manhattan’s technologies be applied? What type of planet would that be?

Central to the story is the dependably fantastic Regina King (The Leftovers, American Crime). Born in Vietnam – now an American state – she applied to be a cop, prior to she was shot in the line of duty. Now she lives in Tulsa in the US, exactly where she tends to make cupcakes.

And is also secretly portion of the police force. The US is now a society in which the police have to stay masked in order to save face from Rorschach-worshipping white supremacists, whilst their left-leaning president refuses to let them use guns except in intense, red-tape-bound situations.

It is raining squid, hallelujah

And that, far more or much less, is the plot to the initial episode. We’re introduced to a handful of other characters, such as author Jeremy Irons. We get flashbacks to the 1920s and a time when the Ku Klux Klan was committing genocide. But largely, it is all Regina King, all the time, kicking butt, with the assistance of her sheriff dad (Don Johnson).

And that is largely for the reason that we’re studying the guidelines and nature of this new planet. All the vehicles are electric. Each so frequently, child transdimensional squids fall from the sky and people today have to wipe them off their vehicles. The police use airships. The Television is filled with dramatisations of the Minutemen’s adventures.

It is all a pretty wealthy weaving of Watchmen‘s storylines as a background tapestry against which a seemingly absolutely new story is getting told.


An unconnected sequel

You do have to sit back and admire the internalisation of Watchmen. This is a show that understands the original and knows it in detail without having worshipping it.

But to what finish, you may wonder? Is there any far more point to this than just adapting the original once more.

So far, I’d say so. Moore’s story may possibly be ‘thick’, but there are lots of issues it does not have time to cover. ‘Racial unrest’ through the 1960s may have be nodded at on a organizing board as anything masked vigilantes may have attempted to quit, rather than assistance, but this Watchmen can appear at it in a far far more detailed way – and even function a black superhero and why a black individual may turn into a superhero.

Similarly, Moore’s reflexive left-wing tendencies didn’t truly permit him to examine the left in the similar way that it did the suitable. Watchmen does each.

And, of course, it is a sequel. It tells us what we in all probability knew currently – Adrian Veidt’s program would have failed, possibly in portion for the reason that of Rorschach, possibly for the reason that of human nature. Right here, we find out a small about why, as effectively as what has occurred to Manhattan and Veidt given that.

(Or do we? Simply because if there’s something we know about Veidt, it is that he’s a planner and schemer. Who specifically is Irons playing, for example…?)

It is early days, of course, so I visualize far more revelations will come. It may even echo the original’s examination of ageing superheroes passing on the torch to a new generation. But the distance in years amongst the original and Watchmen signifies that Silk Spectre, Nite Owl and co are in no way going to be central to the ass-kicking. This is a new story about new characters, which is what a new show should really be.


I was hugely impressed by the initial episode, each by what it chose to do and by what it chose not to do. It is imaginative, whilst faithful, and manages to be its personal issue, whilst nevertheless getting clearly of a single with Watchmen. As effectively as effectively acted, it each appears and sounds wonderful, also.

If you liked the original, watch this if you have in no way study the original, you should really have carried out – read the graphic novel or even watch the film, then watch this.


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