Jackie Kennedy Onassis had her share of nights on the town with very publicized figures as she was married to an American President, and later a Greek shipping magnate billionaire.

But a single of her illustrious evenings out was tiny identified till now — a “magical” date with a hunky Hollywood actor on the rise.

Per the DailyMail, Carly Simon wrote in her new book “Touched by the Sun: My Friendship with Jackie” about the time she and her then-husband James Hart asked Alec Baldwin to accompany the former 1st lady to a Broadway show in 1991.

Onassis was 62, even though Baldwin was 33.

The occasion, nevertheless, did not seem to be romantic in nature as Onassis was in a partnership with Maurice Templesman — he was out of town at the time and could not attend the show — even though Baldwin was dating Kim Basinger, whom he’d marry in 1993.

Baldwin was basically the third decision to be her escort right after documentarian Ken Burns and media executive Joe Armstrong had been unavailable.

But nonetheless, the invitation shocked the “Operating Girl” star, according to Simon. “Jackie Kennedy desires to go on a date with me?” she stated Baldwin responded. “Are you kidding?”

And Onassis was delighted in the reality that Simon recommended they go incognito, according to the book. “What about wigs? I can be Jean Harlow!” Simon recalled Onassis saying.

Simon — who befriended Onassis right after meeting her in Martha’s Vineyard in 1983 — stated the style icon had a ball, even although the wigs had been only utilized at the dinner celebration ahead of the show.

“Initial factor subsequent morning, Jackie named to inform me what a magical evening it was, how divine Alec was, and how essential she felt it was to feel and act and cavort like a kid now and once again,” wrote Simon.

Meanwhile, Baldwin spoke of the encounter for the duration of an interview with Howard Stern back in 2017.

According to Baldwin, he was unaware of the set-up when he arrived for the dinner celebration at Simon’s home.

“And I get there early and I am sitting there and the mystery guest walks in and it is Jackie Kennedy,” Alec told Howard. “And I feel I actually, like, urinated in my pants — I freaked out.”

As to no matter if Baldwin would have pursued a romantic partnership with Onassis if she was interested, the actor stated at the time, “If I was single and I was on my personal, would I have had a fling with Jackie Kennedy? It is difficult to say. I do not know. Perhaps.”

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