I guess I am either the ideal or worst sort of particular person to watch and critique Watchmen on HBO:  I’ve of course heard of the iconic comic book story and its adaptations more than the years, but I never ever study or saw any of it, and actually know nothing at all about it.  But with a cast consisting of Regina King and Don Johnson, and the creator becoming Lost‘s Damon Lindelof, how could I resist?

Here’s what I now know soon after watching the initial episode:  This is an alternate history or reality in which, by 2019, Vietnam is a state in the United States, which have to imply we won that war (undeclared and consequently illegal, and badly lost in our reality).  Police put on masks so they do not danger killers in the public, properly, killing them.  So far, this is taking location mainly in Oklahoma, to the point exactly where the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical plays a massive function.

Now, I am a sucker for alternate realities – I have a song, Samantha, on my new album coming out early subsequent year, which I will no doubt inform you about later on in these weekly critiques, but for now I will just mention that that song is about star-crossed adore across alternate realities (ok, here’s a rough mix of it).  And I believed Counterpoint, now sadly departed, was one particular of the ideal shows on tv in the previous couple of years (not mention The Man in the Higher Castle, which with one particular a lot more season left is practically sadly departed, and is flat out one particular of the ideal shows ever on tv, period).  So, yeah, I am a fan of alternate reality Television and novels (here’s what I mentioned about J. Neil Schulman’s The Fractal Man), and I quite considerably like the set-up so far of Watchmen.

I also liked the narrative.  Don Johnson’s character is killed at the finish if the episode (sorry, that is a spoiler in this reality), but the laws of tv say that a star that massive will not play a character who gets killed soon after one particular episode, so that suggests Judd (Johnson’s character) either is not actually dead, even although we saw him hanging there, or he’ll come back to life, which amounts to the very same point.

I also liked the music, not only simply because I constantly liked “Oklahoma” – my wife may perhaps have played a component in some summer time camp production (I am not confident, and she’s sleeping, so I will ask her tomorrow) – but all the music is original (i.e., which means, you do not commonly hear it in a tv series, even one particular on HBO), with, for instance, a potent rendition of a song that accompanied Judd’s hanging physique.  (By the way, Trump, if you are reading this, that is what a lynching is, not the justified investigation that you are now undergoing).

So, yeah, I am liking this a lot, and count on I will be reviewing Watchmen when a week.

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