As soon as once again the planet has noticed photos of riot police in Barcelona charging protestors through the demonstrations mobilised immediately after the Supreme Court sentenced 12 Catalan political leaders for sedition for their function in the independence movement.

Peaceful protests gave way to angry demonstrations that saw masked protesters taking to the streets intent on causing harm, throwing projectiles at police, torching vehicles and buring rubbish bins as crowds have been mobilised by way of social media by anew mysterious organisation known as “Democratic Tsunami”. 

Authorities responded by sending in riot police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets to manage the protests. 

Pictures shared on social media show police chasing down protesters and battering them with batons and two individuals have lost vision in one particular eye immediately after getting caught in the face by rubber bullets fired into the crowds through clashes with police final week.



Complaints have been produced about the actions of each the National Police and the Catalan police force, Mossos d’Esquadra.

Amnesty International has known as on authorities in Spain “to take every single important measure to help peaceful assembly and permit all individuals to freely and safely express their beliefs.”

“The mobilizations have been exceptionally peaceful, and even though there have been particular acts of violence that have place particular individuals at threat, safety forces ought to act with moderation,” stated Esteban Beltrán, Director of Amnesty International Spain.

“We are conscious of the challenges faced by safety forces, but excessive use of force and the inappropriate use of anti-riot weaponry by the police is in no way justified.”

According to the regional wellness authorities by Friday, more than the previous week, practically 600 individuals have been hurt, such as dozens of police officers. 

“It is incredibly regarding the way anti-riot munitions are getting applied through these demonstrations. It is important that all safety forces show total adherence to the principles of necessity and proportionality in the use of force so that they respond to acts of violence appropriately and so that they thereby permit peaceful protesters to continue to demonstrate,” stated Marie Struthers, Director of Amnesty International Europe.

Police have been slammed for utilizing the practice colloquially recognized as the “carousel,” which entails advancing police vans toward a crowd to disperse it. Images show many individuals getting mown down by automobiles.

“Amnesty International considers this an particularly risky manoeuver that can harm bystanders and these who are peacefully demonstrating.”

Regional human rights groups such as Síndic de Greuges have also denouncing police action against journalists reporting on the demonstrations.

Press freedom watchdog MediaCat reported 58 incidents of journalists getting attacked through the demonstrations, such as at least a dozen incidents at the hands of police.

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A masked protester poses as flames leap from a Barcelona street. Photo: AFP