The elaborate tunnel method was found by researchers and gives proof of how the infamous warrior monks’ shifted massive amounts of gold to their well-known “treasure tower”. The tunnels have been hitherto believed to be “lost” to history, but have been not too long ago found through a project followed by a National Geographic Documentary.

Dr Albert Lin, an American archaeologist, led the investigation project that has taken spot in the coastal city of Acre.

It is right here exactly where the project discovered the initially remnants of the group’s lavish fortress headquarters.

Dr Lin introduced the programme and stated: “I’m in Israel in search of the Knights Templar.

“These warrior monks are the stuff of legend, and so is their gold, through the Crusades the Knights Templar battle for God, gold and glory.

A system of ancient tunnels was discovered on the coast of an Israeli city

A method of ancient tunnels was found on the coast of an Israeli city (Image: National Geographic)

The fortress was once home to Europe's Knights Templar

The fortress was when house to Europe’s Knights Templar (Image: National Geographic)

“Somewhere in the modern day city of Acre lies their command centre, and possibly their treasure – It is the stuff of childhood dreams. I’m right here to locate them.”

Dr Lin’s group was in a position to reconstruct by way of CGI what they had currently discovered in the region to get a sense of the scale of what the fortress would when have looked like.

The outcome was a massive coastal citadel, that would have been the base for the Knights Templar to hold their loot, supplies and weaponry – and would have acted as the initially point of entry for any foreign enemy attempting to rush the city.

The Knights Templar have been notoriously savage in their battles possessing been the most skilled fighting units through the Crusades.

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It would have been the first thing invaders saw on point of entry

It would have been the initially factor invaders saw on point of entry (Image: National Geographic)

The Crusades have been a series of military expeditions undertaken by Christian Europe through the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries.

Their purpose was to recover the Holy Land from Muslim rule, with the Knights Templar top the military excursions into the east.

There have been nine crusades and, with either side possessing their fair share of victories and defeats, Islam in the finish prevailed and the Knights Templar steadily lost assistance, and at some point disbanded.

When Dr Lin and his group scanned a website believed to be house to the Knights Templar who would have when inhabited Israel, working with LiDAR technologies, they have been in a position to see what the fortress would when have looked like.

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Dr Albert Lin was able to navigate the tunnels through an advance tech system

Dr Albert Lin was in a position to navigate the tunnels by way of an advance tech method (Image: National Georgaphic)

Dr Lin used LiDAR technology to scan through the Earth's surface

Dr Lin utilized LiDAR technologies to scan by way of the Earth’s surface (Image: National Geographic)

LiDAR makes use of lasers and higher-tech detectors to penetrate the Earth’s surface with out disturbing any ancient artefacts that could lurk beneath the surface.

The scan lead to their getting a method of intricate tunnels and a guard residence hidden beneath the now modern day metropolis.

By working with these scans, the researchers have been in a position to make a digital 3D version of the Templar’s head quarters.

This digital version revealed how the warriors moved their gold from the port to their infamous treasure tower.

The City of Acre is an ancient city of Israel

The City of Acre is an ancient city of Israel (Image: GETTY)

The treasure has till now been topic to fables and myths because the Knights Templar’s demise in the early 1300s.

But, Dr Lin’s discovery may reveal the final place of the group prior to they at some point retreated to Europe and disbanded forever.

Dr Lin stated: “The Templar’s hidden tunnels snaked beneath the streets.

“They secretly transported gold to the Acre fortress’ crowning glory, its treasure tower.”

The city is picturesque and sits near Israel's border with Lebanon

The city is picturesque and sits close to Israel’s border with Lebanon (Image: GETTY)

The tower is buried beneath metres of dirt and rock, this becoming the major deterrent for any excavation.

It is presently unclear irrespective of whether the tower will ever be unearthed.

Dr Lin Stated: “The complete magnificence of Acre’s fortress was preserved for these arriving by sea.

“Its mighty sea defences and lookout towers stood against any invader.”