John Legend Calls Donald Trump a “F****** Racist Idiot”


The Voice coach John Legend is not a single to mince words. At the Vanity Fair New Establishment summit on Tuesday (Oct 22) afternoon, the singer songwriter and activist spoke about the function he’s performing assisting to reform the criminal justice program and extra with former solicitor basic in the Obama administration, Neal Katyal.

On the present occupant of the White Home, Donald Trump, John did not hold back. Earlier on Tuesday, Trump known as the ongoing impeachment inquiry performed by the Home of Representatives a “lynching.” John responded, “Well, he’s a despicable human getting and he says sh**** issues all the time. Like he he is like just a sh**** particular person.

“He’s the opposite of what you’d want your youngster to be, the opposite of what you want any human getting to be. He’s going to say sh**** issues all the time, but he’s especially massive on victimizing himself for the reason that I feel it is his narcissism.

“It’s like every single poor point that is taking place to him is the worst point that is ever occurred to any president. Some of them have been shot in the head just before in a theater but this is the worst point that is occurred to any president. So he thinks that and he utilizes this term lynching for the reason that he knows how potent and terrific and terrible this word is. But it is the precise opposite of what impeachment is.”

John continued: “It’s insane and it is sad that this nation has to listen to this idiot, this f****** racist idiot speak about lynching and make himself the victim of it when we know what actual lynching is like.”

John also addressed a further Twitter incident. Right after watching an MSNBC particular, Trump known as out John and his wife Chrissy Teigen, angry that the particular didn’t mention the Very first Act criminal justice reform bill passed into law by congress. Trump known as Chrissy a “filthy mouthed wife.”

I was stunned that he was watching MSNBC on a Sunday evening. I just didn’t feel he was their target audience.” John added that he wasn’t completely shocked, for the reason that Trump desires to be the “center of every single conversation.” But he says, “It’s nevertheless definitely weird and the reality that he was so concerned that we didn’t speak about him to praise him for this law that he passed, which I know he possibly couldn’t inform you something about the law and wouldn’t have any understanding of the influence of the law.

“And then of course he had to bring my wife up who was not involved at all in the criminal justice particular on MSNBC. It is not an problem that she is especially focused on.”

“So she in her personal inimitable way known as him out on that and told him specifically what he is.”

What Chrissy did is get a unique phrase trending on Twitter

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