Kelly Ripa Mocks Son’s ‘Extreme Poverty’ Now That He Moved Out!


Kelly Ripa‘s youngsters are all grown up! Effectively, almost…

The daytime speak show host got to encounter life on the other side Tuesday evening as she was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel‘s particular New York City week.

As a fellow parent, Jimmy had to ask about the mother-of-three’s youngsters, beginning with Michael Consuelos.

The 22-year-old, who created headlines by playing the younger version of his personal father Mark Consuelos on a special Riverdale flashback episode final year, has ultimately moved out of the home and is living in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Michael Joaquin and Mark Consuelos at Robertas Pizza in Brooklyn
Michael, Joaquin, and Mark Consuelos at Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn. / (c) Kelly Ripa/Instagram

When asked how he’s enjoying his initially time away from the nest, Kelly couldn’t assistance but take some jabs at her infant, saying:

“I feel he loves the freedom. He hates paying his personal rent and he’s chronically poor. I do not feel he ever genuinely knowledgeable, you know, intense poverty like now.”

Intense poverty?? Ha! Not coming from this family members!

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Even if Michael’s parents had been freakin’ Television stars, he can nonetheless apparently rely on Grandma and Grandpa for a tiny additional dough. Kelly continued:

“It’s really funny, my parents for years usually give my youngsters for Halloween, they mail them an envelope with twenty dollars in it. For years I’m like, ‘Mom, Dad, you do not have to do that. They do not appreciate it. Do not be concerned about it.’

And for years my youngsters sort of ignored the $20 and Mark and I would say, ‘You know, when we had been youngsters $20 would take you by way of weeks and weeks of life.’”

It usually sounds like some huge fish stories, but it is accurate. In 1982, when Kelly was ten years old, a McDonald’s quarter pounder was just $.45.

But now situations are a tiny diverse — for Mickey D’s AND for Michael. Kelly laughs:

“Now that he’s living on his personal, he’s referred to as 3 occasions, ‘Halloween envelope arrived?’ He’s like, taking the subway just to choose up hi Halloween envelope. Just so he can have electrical energy. He’s experiencing becoming an adult.”

Meanwhile Kelly and Mark’s daughter Lola Consuelos just went off to college, and she’s coming dwelling for a fully diverse cause!

Kelly says whilst Michael wanted to check out all the time, Lola declared her parents wouldn’t see her and she wouldn’t be back and not to be concerned.

Kelly Ripa and daughter Lola Consuelos on prom night
Kelly Ripa with daughter Lola Consuelos on prom evening. / (c) Kelly Ripa/Instagram

Even so, it didn’t operate out that way…

“We drop her off on a Saturday, it is the finish of summer time holiday, so we go back out to Lengthy Island for the rest of the summer time. Drop her off on a Saturday. Sunday evening, our alarm trips. My daughter’s getting a celebration on the roof of our home! She was gone 12 hours and came dwelling!”

Kelly says her youngest son Joaquin Consuelos is “not permitted to apply inside the Tri-State location.” Ha!

See the whole hilarious parent-to-parent late evening therapy session (beneath)!

[Image via Live with Kelly and Ryan/Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube.]


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