Readers reveal: These are the greatest bilingual child names in Spain


Parents who make a decision to bring up their kid bilingually in English and Spanish normally want to pick a name that operates equally properly in each English and Spanish. 

Some persons like to pick names that are usually made use of in each languages and are not only pronounced the very same but have the precise very same spelling, names such as Maria, Lucia, Isabel and Olivia for girls and Martin, Oscar, and Bruno for boys.

Then there are the names that are recognisable but either pronounced slightly differently or have a various spelling, such as Sofia/Sophia, Cristina/Christina, Ana/Anna or Paola/Paula for girls.

And for boys, Simon, Gabriel, David or Adrian are all names that are spelled the very same but pronounced with a slightly various emphasis. Then there are names such as Hugo, which is spelled the very same but sounds quite various in each languages: Hewgo in English and Oogoh in Castellano.

Likewise, Isla is getting a resurgence in the UK with its silent ‘s’ but will normally be pronounced as ‘Izla’ – the Castellano word for island – when in Spain. 

Common Spanish names could be quick to pronounce for English-speakers regardless of not becoming regular anglo names.

Names such as Pablo, Diego and Rafael are widespread adequate that they will not pose a challenge, but while the name Jesus is quite standard in Spain, it will definitely raise a handful of eyebrows amongst English speakers.

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Some names even though prove quite difficult to Spanish speakers.

Spanish tongues struggle with Craig and Graham and do not even consider about choosing Irish names such as Deirdre or Siobhan.

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Kristin Tietz, an American who married a Spaniard, explained their course of action: “Our method was to attempt out names orally (considering that hubby’s a Spaniard) to attempt to pick names pronounced the very same internationally.

“It worked like a charm till they enrolled in college (British), major to a startling array of odd versions of the name Borja, which Americans and other nationalities appear to locate quick to say. Sadly, quite a few of his teachers could not, with “Borgo” 1 of our faves.”

For Mary Reid, an English teacher in Madrid and her Spanish companion Raul, it was significant to have names that could be pronounced conveniently in each languages.

“We settled on Dani and Oscar for our two boys,” explains Mary, initially from Nottingham.

“I wanted the English grandparents to be capable to say their grandsons’ names properly,” she mentioned.

“The spelling was also significant also. Despite the fact that in the UK I’m frequently getting to say that it is Dani with an “I” not “y”.  And that is exciting seeing as British names have a large assortment of spellings these days.”

Spelling was also major consideration for Tania Garcia Miñan, an English teacher who lives in Galicia with her Spanish husband.

“There are loads of Galician names that we automatically scrapped due to getting an x in. Names with a J also had been ruled out. I personally did not want an equivalent, I wanted it to be as quick to pronounce and spell as feasible in each languages.”

She chose Lucas for her son.

It was a thing her parents had also deemed when picking her and her sister’s name as they had moved from their native Galicia to London in the 1980s and brought up their two girls, Deborah and Tania.

“My name is pronounced the very same in Spanish and English but I made use of to get annoyed in England when they spelt Tania with a ‘y’,” she mentioned.

She also mentioned it is worth checking if that name has a particular stigma in 1 language.

“Lucas is the name they give Daffy Duck in Spain and the catch phrase is ‘hasta luego, Lucas’, so we hear that a lot.”

For Londoner Graham Keeley, who now lives close to Barcelona with his French companion and their 3 boys, it was even additional of a challenge.

“Most importantly was we wanted names that worked in English and French and that weren’t also weird in Spanish or Catalan,” he explains.

They picked Thomas for the firstborn and Max and Jack for their twin boys, born 18 months later.

“We nailed it with Max, which is pronounced and spelled the very same in what ever language we come across,” he admitted. “But the other two are each quick in all 4 languages while pronounced slightly differently.”

“Persons pronounce it Tomas (Spanish), Toma (French), or Thomas (English) but we do not truly thoughts that, and Jack is either Jacques in French or Jack to absolutely everyone else,” he mentioned.

“The most significant point was not to have a name that stood out as either becoming ‘too French’ or ‘too English’ or was just  plain unpronounceable in Spanish.

“Possessing a name like Graham – which no 1 can pronounce in Spanish – created us acutely conscious of the value of an quick name that wouldn’t single you out,” he mentioned.

When it comes to girls’ names, Sofia, Isabel, Lucia and Olivia are amongst the most common ideas but Spanish names such as Alma, Alba and Lola are gaining ground.

“We named my daughter Alba. In Gaelic it suggests Scotland (I’m Scottish) and operates in English and Spanish with the very same pronunciation also,” mentioned Eilidh Shankland on The Neighborhood Spain’s Facebook web page.

“Biblical names with the very same spelling function completely (and the very same in Catalan also, do not overlook some persons will need to aspect that in also!). Such as David or Daniel,” added Lyn Shepherd.

“My mom was Spanish, dad Dutch and I’m South African living in Spain,” recounts Teresa Leonie Krijger Hoffmann. “My name Teresa operates properly and so did my brother’s name, Anthony. My sister’s, not so substantially – Maria de las Mercedes!”

A single reader recommended attempting it out for a when just before registering it.

“I wanted my eldest to have my grandfather’s name or a variation of it as his middle name – Donald (not a common choice I know!!),” mentioned Natalie Abbott Tobias. “So to commence with we had just Don. The confusion it brought on!! Don Lorenzo Don Tobias? Persons looked at us like we had been uncomplicated! Fortunately we hadn’t registered it at that point.”



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