U.S. Remains Committed to Afghanistan’s Achievement, Esper Says

Terri Moon Cronk – DoD News


A negotiated political agreement amongst Afghans is the ideal path to a peaceful government in their nation, Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper stated through a pay a visit to to Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul.

Till that agreement is reached, “we will continue to pursue an aggressive military campaign against the Taliban and terrorist groups that continue to conduct violence against the individuals of Afghanistan,” the secretary stated yesterday.

In addition to his initially trip as defense secretary to Afghanistan, Esper also is going to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Reflecting on his trip to Afghanistan, in which he engaged with U.S. and Afghan officials, Esper stated, “We are producing excellent progress toward our typical aim — that is, to guarantee that we and our allies under no circumstances once again face terrorist attacks from Afghanistan.”


The secretary and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani spoke earlier in the day about the significant connection among the two nations. “The United States and Afghanistan have a robust safety partnership constructed more than a lot of years of cooperation and shared sacrifice,” the secretary stated.

That bond was forged in battle, and it grows even stronger as the combined work continues, Esper added.

The United States remains committed to Afghanistan’s accomplishment, the secretary stated, adding his thanks to Army Gen. Austin Scott Miller, commander of NATO’s Resolute Help Mission. He also commended the “good function” the multination coalition is bringing for peace and stability in the nation.

Earlier in the day, Esper visited Camp Morehead to meet with the NATO Particular Operations Element Command Afghanistan and the Afghan National Army particular operations command. 

“I was impressed by the talent and professionalism of these brave soldiers,” he stated. “Counterterrorism operations stay crucial to our efforts to reaching peace and making certain terrorist organizations can’t uncover secure haven in Afghanistan.”


The secretary also commended the Afghan national defense and safety forces for their “apolitical strategy” and achievements even though delivering safety to the current presidential elections. 

“This is an instance of the significant progress getting created by [the Afghan forces] to guard the Afghan individuals from the senseless violence of Taliban and terrorist groups,” he noted.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, Esper stated, the U.S. safety partnership with Afghanistan will stay robust. 

“The United States remains totally committed to assisting Afghans develop a peaceful, steady and prosperous Afghanistan and is supporting the Afghans’ efforts led by the government towards peace,” the secretary stated.

Esper stated Afghanistan will be on the agenda when he and his NATO counterparts meet in Brussels. “I appear forward to sharing with our allies what I have noticed right here, and expressing our continued assistance to this significant mission,” he stated.