HONG KONG: The guys jumped Stanley Ho with no warning, smashing each his hands with metal rods – a single of various current attacks against prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy figures that activists have dubbed a “white terror”.

Due to the fact late August, eight properly-identified dissidents have been beaten by unknown assailants as worry swirls that some “triad” crime networks have flocked to Beijing’s trigger soon after 5 months of protests.

The victims include things like rally organisers, opposition lawmakers, student leaders and people today standing for upcoming polls.

Ho, a 35-year-old labour unionist, was set upon in late September by at least 3 people today in Sai Kung, a rural district exactly where he is competing in regional elections against a pro-Beijing camp that has dominated the location for decades.

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Hong Kong labour unionist Stanley Ho had both hands smashed with metal rods during an attack

Hong Kong labour unionist Stanley Ho had each hands smashed with metal rods throughout an attack. (Photo: FP/Ed Jones)

“The trigger of the attack could be connected to two factors – the upcoming district council election and the ongoing movement,” Ho told AFP, referring to the protests.

“Some potent people today are making ‘white terror’ in collaboration with criminals to make you worry standing for election and to make voters consider twice prior to they express their opinions,” he added, a single arm nonetheless in a cast.

The term “white terror” has been applied to describe various periods of political persecution all through history, but in Hong Kong it is borrowed from nearby Taiwan.

For the duration of 4 decades of martial law there, organised crime groups often attacked critics of then-leader Chiang Kai-shek’s repressive government.


Vigilante violence has mounted on each sides of the ideological divide in Hong Kong as months of protests have spiralled with no political remedy in sight.

In current weeks, crowds of protesters have savagely beaten people today who vocally disagree with them – despite the fact that these fights have a tendency to be spontaneous outbursts of mob anger throughout protests.

Pro-democracy figures, even so, have been attacked in a noticeably a lot more targeted way.

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Isaac Cheng, 19, vice president of the pro-democracy Demosisto party, was beaten by three men

Isaac Cheng, 19, vice president of the pro-democracy Demosisto celebration, was beaten by 3 guys outdoors his household residence. (Photo: FP/Ed Jones)

Final week, Jimmy Sham, the leader of a group that organised the biggest rallies this summer season, was left in a pool of blood soon after he was attacked by guys wielding hammers. It was the second time he had been assaulted.

5 victims of attacks have reported assaults to the police, but only 3 guys have so far been arrested – for the initial assault on Sham.

Isaac Cheng, a 19-year-old student and vice chairman of the pro-democracy Demosisto celebration, was beaten by 3 guys in early September outdoors his household residence soon after he helped organise a college strike.

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Local independent pro-democracy candidate Jocelyn Chau was attaked while running a streetside

Neighborhood independent pro-democracy candidate Jocelyn Chau was attaked when operating a streetside campaign booth. (Photo: AFP/Ed Jones)


“I am confident in the police’s capability to resolve the case, but I am not confident in them in fact performing it offered the severity of selective law enforcement,” Cheng mentioned.

Hong Kong’s police have denied allegations of bias, saying they pursue all crimes regardless of political motivation.


But the force’s reputation was hammered in late July soon after officers took almost 40 minutes to respond to an attack by a group of guys on protesters at Yuen Lengthy train station.

Officers have been filmed enabling guys armed with sticks to leave the location in the hours afterwards.

Police have arrested 34 people today for that attack, some with hyperlinks to triad crime groups, and deny accusations they permitted the Yuen Lengthy assault to come about.

Haunted by worry and a shortage of trust in the police, pro-democracy figures say they now arrange their personal protection, despite the fact that their possibilities are restricted.

“All I can do is be a lot more cautious and recruit a lot more volunteers so I never have to operate a street booth alone,” mentioned Janelle Leung, 25, a regional election candidate who was attacked when campaigning.

Davin Wong, a former leader of the University of Hong Kong’s student union, moved abroad soon after he was attacked.

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Pro-democracy lawmaker Roy Kwong, attacked last month by a gang of men, says he fears such assaults

Pro-democracy lawmaker Roy Kwong, attacked final month by a gang of guys, says he fears such assaults will turn into a lot more frequent and really serious. (Photo: AFP/Ed Jones)

But most victims refuse to be cowed.

“I do be concerned such attacks will be a lot more frequent and really serious,” mentioned Roy Kwong, a pro-democracy lawmaker who was attacked final month by a gang of guys, a single of whom filmed the beating.

“A single significant way to overcome worry is to continue our standard life and show these in the shadows that we are not intimidated.”

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