Liam Hemsworth’s Household Fears Maddison Brown Is As Wild As Miley Cyrus?


Liam Hemsworth Maddison Brown Miley Cyrus Wild

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Is Liam Hemsworth’s worried about his new romance with Maddison Brown mainly because they worry she’s as wild as Miley Cyrus? That is the ridiculous claim in one particular of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can appropriate it.

“Liam’s People Frown On Freaky New Gal!” reads a headline in the most up-to-date challenge of the National Enquirer. The accompanying post says the actor’s parents, Craig and Leonie, had been “shocked” when they heard on a radio show that Brown wanted to sleep with Liam and his older brother Chris “at the identical time.”

The magazine’s story is misleading and out of context from the quite commence. Back in June, quite a few months ahead of Brown started dating Liam, she played a game on The Zach Sang Show in which she was offered the names of 3 celebrities and was asked to pick out who she’d marry, sleep with and kill. The Hemsworth brothers had been integrated in the game, and the Australian actress joked, “I want each of the Hemsworths!” Oddly adequate, she got one particular of them quite a few months later, but the magazine is attempting to make it look as if she went on the radio when dating Liam and mentioned she wanted to sleep with his older brother as nicely.

An alleged supply is then quoted as saying, “Craig and Leonie had been constantly concerned abut his connection with Miley. They wanted Liam to settle down and commence a loved ones. They worry with this new girl Maddison he’s having extra of the identical when he’s just had a marriage blow up in his face.”

Nothing at all about the magazine’s post is remotely accurate. The complete situation stems from Brown’s comments for the duration of a silly segment on a radio show. There’s zero other proof to recommend that the Australian actress is “wild.” Persons magazine, a substantially extra trustworthy supply for celebrity news than the Enquirer, lately reported that Liam is “taking it slow” with Brown because his divorce from Cyrus is nevertheless so fresh. There’s no explanation to think the actor’s parents are questioning his judgement.

Regrettably, this wouldn’t be the initially time we’ve had to debunk a phony story involving the actor’s new connection. Just final week, Gossip Cop busted the Enquirer’s sister outlet, Life & Style, for falsely claiming Liam was only dating Brown to get “revenge” on Cyrus. The gossip media just has no insight into the actor’s new romance. The tabloids are just coming up with arbitrary strategies to examine Liam’s new girlfriend to his ex.


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