In the wake of Game of Thrones, we’re all seeking for the subsequent Game of Thrones. I do not assume there will ever be a tv show as culturally dominant as GOT once again, but we’ve got some contenders for your new weekly obsession. Succession is all family members drama and backstabbing politics, and Watchmen has the genre appeal and, at least in the initially episode,  is constructed for “what occurs next” speculation. Taking a appear at the preview for upcoming episodes HBO released for Watchmen, we have lots to speculate about. The two most significant concerns just after the initially episode are what occurred to Judd, and who is the boy from Tulsa in 1921?

In the preview teaser, the answer to each of these concerns appears to be “Louis Gossett, Jr.”. As the old man in the wheelchair, he claims to have killed Judd, and I assume we’re supposed to assume he grew from the boy in 1921. These answers appear also simple. Jean Sensible tends to make her initially look subsequent week, as an FBI agent investigating the killings in Tulsa. You do not waste Jean Smart’s time on a plot as basic as “that guy claiming he did it essentially did it”. There is going to be one thing twisty and unexpected right here. (I am also excited to see James Wolk once again, just after his immortal straight-faced overall performance in the single most batsh-t insane tv show of all time: Zoo.) The teaser also shows a holographic tree and the image of the boy from 1921, so that kid is going to be vital somehow. Is he actually Louis Gossett, Jr.? Or is he associated to Angela somehow?

We also have to find out what Adrian Veidt is up to. Of course, episode a single did not overtly confirm Jeremy Irons is playing Veidt, but he is certainly playing an older version of the OG Watchmen character. And he appears to nonetheless be up to his villainous approaches, organizing to save humanity by means of morally bankrupt plots. Cannot wait to see what fresh hell he’s cooked up. Primarily based on Veidt’s history of dropping fake squids on cities to kill millions to encourage globe peace, what ever that steampunk pod he’s got can not possibly be superior news for any individual. 

I’m nonetheless not interested in attempting to out-guess a Television show, but it is good to have a new show about which to theorize. And considering that Watchmen is a sequel, figuring out the graphic novel does not actually enable. Adrian Veidt is the only OG character to make an look so far, apart from Physician Manhattan’s cameo on Mars. The show is about all new characters, so becoming a “book reader” is not a great deal of an benefit. I’ve got no thought what the boy from 1921, Louis Gossett, Jr., Judd’s murder, and Adrian Veidt’s schemes have to do with every other—yet. My only theory ideal now is that absolutely nothing is as it appears. Episode two ought to give us some additional context, the superior to theorize exactly where this sequel could be going. But hey, at least we know a single factor for certain: absolutely nothing Watchmen can do could ever be as stupid as King Bran.