Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Mothering

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Ben Affleck is not attempting to get ex-wife Jennifer Garner to quit “mothering” him, regardless of a created-up report. It is just an odd rumor from a tabloid. Gossip Cop can appropriate it.

OK! claims that, while he appreciates her assistance, Affleck desires Garner to quit attempting to micromanage his life and supply him with no asking. “Ben loves how doting she is toward him, but he could do with no the late-evening calls and the continuous suggestions about his life style,” an unnamed supply tells the magazine. “It’s becoming increasingly patronizing.”

Garner, says the outlet, “feels the need to have to touch base” to maintain up with Affleck’s sobriety. “She just figures he desires this kind of influence in his life. Following all, she was the a single who rescued him and got him into rehab when he fell off the wagon final year in such a humiliating way,” the alleged tipster says. “Jen does not judge — she just cares.”

This caring, according to the magazine, incorporates a handful of factors that could be a tiny more than the line for Affleck. “She can not resist folding his laundry, cooking him dinner or straightening up his residence anytime she brings [their three] youngsters more than,” the questionable insider adds. “He’s carrying out terrific on his personal, so he’s gently attempting to inform her that he can take care of himself.”

Gossip Cop reached out to Affleck’s spokesperson, who went on the record with us to dismiss the story. The ex-spouses are nonetheless closely involved in a single another’s lives, offered the reality that they co-parent their youngsters and attend their kids’ events with each other. That getting mentioned, Garner is acting as a mom to any one but her youngsters. The magazine’s unnamed “source” does not have deep insight into the private feelings of each stars.

This also is not OK!’s very first incorrect story about Garner and Affleck’s connection or the actor’s journey to sobriety. In October 2018, Gossip Cop named out the tabloid for a bogus post about Affleck moving into Garner’s guest residence for assistance and to be closer to the youngsters. Shortly prior to that, the tabloid claimed Garner promised to reunite with Affleck if he went to rehab.

The tabloid just just does not know what’s seriously taking place in the lives of the ex-spouses or exactly where their connection at present stands. Affleck is not annoyed with his ex-wife, nor is she going out of her way to “mother” him. Gossip Cop will continue to appropriate any extra of these created-up rumors concerning the cordial exes.