The dress code for the Casamigos Halloween celebration, held at co-founder Mike Meldman’s Beverly Hills house on Friday evening, referred to as for “Psychedelic Spirits”: an proper theme for a tequila brand throwing a bash 50 years right after the summer season of ‘69. In LA, that meant bell bottoms and swirly prints, but also After Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino’s really like letter to 1969 that is nevertheless in theaters. Anticipating a horde of Sharon Tates, I strapped with each other 3 fake flower crowns from Amazon, donned a peasant dress and went as the May perhaps Queen from a different summer season film smash. Just after all, there had been definitely a lot of psychedelic spirits consumed in Ari Aster’s Midsommar, as well.

Most of the hippie-dippy partygoers just assumed I was a flower youngster as well, so it was quick adequate to slip into the crowd packing Meldman’s backyard, as bartenders in tie-dye, feathers, neon wigs and silver pleather poured spicy margaritas and the DJ spun late ‘60s rock for a crowd that integrated every person from Casamigos co-founder Rande Gerber and his wife Cindy Crawford to Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel to The Set Up co-stars Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell. The only revelers who recognized my costume had been the bartenders and waitstaff, who enthusiastically proclaimed their really like for Aster’s second horror function. “I really like A24,” mentioned a cocktail waitress tasked with shadowing Crawford. “I went to see the Midsommar Director’s Reduce at the Arclight and Quentin Tarantino was a single of only 4 other folks there,” she added.

Lisa Rinna.

by Kevin Mazur courtesy of Casamigos

As the Casamigos flowed, amongst the strobe lights and neon-painted pumpkins, the evening got even additional psychedelic. Was that man in a blond wig and sparkly infant blue jumpsuit Billy Bush? And how extended have I been staring at him?” Was that, a single, two, count them, 3 ladies dressed in J. Lo’s iconic Versace appear, such as Genuine Housewife of Beverly Hills herself, the inimitable Lisa Rinna? J. Lo’s green gown was the costume of the evening, rivaled only by Elton John’s sequined Dodger uniform from his 1975 concert, which was also observed in triplicate at the celebration. Study into that what you will for the Oscar probabilities of Hustlers and Rocketman.

Casamigos, the tequila brand founded by Meldman, Gerber, and George Clooney, definitely has the air of celebrity, and their annual Halloween celebration only aids to bolster that image. Gerber and Crawford arrived in sequined jumpsuits and feathered wigs to toast the vacation, snapping photographs with Molly Sims and her husband, Netflix honcho Scott Stuber, who had been dressed as Jeannie and her astronaut from I Dream of Jeannie. I complimented a couple of folks on their exceptionally precise “No Strings Attached” era *NSync getups, with no even realizing that Justin Timberlake himself was following, in a giant microphone costume—and that his wife, Jessica Biel, was the Justin of the group.

Not every person got the memo about the ‘60s theme: a man in a shockingly detailed Bill Lumbergh costume from Workplace Space bemoaned that he’d only heard about the celebration that afternoon. But, he nevertheless had a tequila-filled Initech mug, badge, and copy of his TPS reports on hand. A bloodied Patrick Bateman sported an axe, headphones, and even small business cards, but complained that his clear raincoat hadn’t arrived in the mail but. Some tech moguls had been even parodied, as a shockingly precise Elizabeth Holmes and a Jeff Bezos mingled with the multitude of Fembots and Cliff Booths.

Cindy Crawford and Amber Valletta.

by Kevin Mazur courtesy of Casamigos

A higher-tech photo booth with a significant swing prop provided up expert photo-ops to the celebration-goers, but quite a few went old college, opting for iPhone pics or the enterprise photogs in attendance. But the definitely retro award went to filmmaker Eli Roth, who handed off his vintage Polaroid camera to a fellow celebration guest to snap a shot of himself and his girlfriend in matching Scoops Ahoy costumes, from Stranger Issues season three.