Is President Trump’s Syrian Policy And Technique The Ideal 1?


Photo U.S. Army photo by Employees Sgt. Timothy R. Koster

Lee Smith, The Federalist: 10 Queries To Ask About Trump’s Removal Of Troops From Syria

Trump’s critics seem to think that backing a Marxist splinter group aligned with the anti-American, pro-Iranian axis in its war against a NATO ally is sound policy.

The U.S. foreign policy establishment has gone into meltdown mode due to the fact President Trump announced final week a withdrawal of many dozen troops from a corridor in northern Syria. American forces had been there due to the fact 2014, joined with a Kurdish splinter group to fight the notorious Sunni Arab terrorist organization, the Islamic State (ISIS).

Trump created his selection right after a telephone contact with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but it was a extended time coming. The Turks have been vital of U.S. help for an armed Kurdish organization they have regarded the country’s most severe national safety threat for 5 years. Trump’s move then ought to be noticed in the context of his efforts to undo Obama administration policies, especially its initiative to tilt away from regular U.S. allies, like Turkey, and toward the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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WNU Editor: The major stream media, pundits and policy specialists, and Washington’s political are overwhelming vital of President Trump’s Syrian-Kurd policy and method. But are they suitable? The above evaluation is a contrarian point of view.


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