This day in 2003 marked the final official broadcast of NBC’s Rob Lowe car, The Lyon’s Den, which was pulled from the prime-time line-up right after just six episodes.

Earlier in 2003, Lowe had walked away from the hit NBC drama, The West Wing, reportedly mainly because his character, Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn — after intended to be a single of the show’s central characters — had come to be a marginal ensemble player. On Sept. 28, he was back on the Peacock network, playing an idealistic Washington lawyer for a pro-bono law clinic (and son of a senator) who’s wooed by a higher-finish law firm.

The series’ cast also integrated Matt Craven, Kyle Chandler, Frances Fisher, Elizabeth Mitchell, David Krumholtz, Paula Newsome, Robert Picardo and James Pickens, Jr.