Tame Impala has ultimately confirmed their subsequent album will be released early subsequent year. Teased to be released in early 2019 ahead of their Coachella look, the only two songs that saw the light of day officially had been played reside and fans haven’t heard something new considering that.

That is, till now.

Introducing The Slow Rush, the band’s fourth LP, is a video displaying Kevin Parker in the studio receiving it prepared and getting very Laurel Canyon about the entire point to be truthful. What ever is playing in the background is a new groove, for positive.

Verify it out under.

Along with that release, a handful of hours later the band confirmed the new album art. It is fine.

Preserve up with their official socials for the newest and greatest, but we’ll be maintaining up with what the psychedelic rockers will have planned for subsequent year. Most likely a ton of festivals and two-evening runs sold-out across the nation.