Right after a 5 year hiatus, Network 10 is bringing back The Incredible Race Australia. That is suitable, us viewers are all about to knowledge some critical travel envy as we watch 11 teams race across the planet in pursuit of the $250,000 prize. But, we have been assured that the show is no vacation, and that the contestants will be tested mentally and physically at each and every location. There to place them via their paces is Beau Ryan, who will also be difficult himself in his very first time hosting a show solo. Ahead of the premiere on October 28, Beau chats rebooting the franchise, the significance of diversity on screen and which group he’s tipping to go far.

POPSUGAR Australia: Hey Beau! How are you feeling ahead of the premiere?

Beau: Yeah, I am beginning to get fairly excited and nervous, I have not been this nervous for ages! I just want the show to do properly, and I want every person to see each how entertaining and how really hard it was. The show is various to other reality shows, as you will uncover out. It is almost certainly a bit extra actual, to be truthful, what you see is what you get. The persons had been cast so properly, we have covered each and every base when it comes to race, gender and age. It was pretty overwhelming at the begin when we had so several teams, but as filming went on and people’s correct colours had been revealed, it was so entertaining.

PS: What else can us viewers count on from this season?

Beau: A handful of surprises! I was shocked by how some teams went. I pigeonholed some teams and believed the persons who had been physically match would do actually properly, but you require to be actually fortunate to win the race and go all the way. You will be shocked by some persons who you could be underestimating, since they shocked me. When you see particular teams coming more than the mountain at the final pit quit, it really is absolutely surprising. It is a actually rewarding show.

PS: What attracted you to hosting the show?

Beau: I was a fan of the format initially, and I’ve usually wanted to host a show on my personal. I felt like I was up to it, and it was a excellent chance. When I was approached, I just jumped at the possibility. . . I was almost certainly a tiny bit as well keen! The truth that the show appeals to every person in the nation shows that it really is for every day Aussies. A lot of persons had been brought actually closely with each other by becoming on the show, no matter whether they had been siblings or partners or what ever, and some people’s relationships had been fractured. But hopefully for viewers at residence it brings their households with each other, and I encourage persons to choose a group at the begin of the race and ride the highs and lows with that group.

PS: Like you stated, this is your very first time hosting a show solo. Did it take you a though to uncover your feet as host, or did you take to it effortlessly?

Beau: I felt comfy since it wasn’t reside, as opposed to other shows and radio applications I’ve performed. There was stress, but I assume pressure’s excellent. I like to challenge myself with new ventures, and this was enormous. Every single element of me knew I was prepared for it, despite the fact that I did not actually know what to count on. Network 10 and the production corporation had been actually excellent since they just let me be me, they place a excellent group about me and I was in a position to say what ever I felt. I was in a position to be emotional when I felt it, and pleased when I felt it.

PS: The show has been off Australian screens for a handful of years, why do you assume now was the suitable time to bring it back?

Beau: Due to the fact it really is such a worldwide franchise, fans have been receiving their repair by watching the American version or the Canadian version. But reality Television is so large in this nation, all of our greatest shows are reality shows, so it was only fitting for it to come back. I assume the timing was suitable, Network 10 had the chance to reboot it and have performed that with a various host than what I assume we’re made use of to seeing. I reckon I supplied a lot of power, and I had a go at fairly significantly all of the challenges myself. We’re going to do it differently to how other channels have in the previous.

PS: Certainly we’re living in a reality Television dominated planet, what do you assume will make The Incredible Race stand out against other reality shows?

Beau: Like I stated prior to, it really is not overly created. When the teams all go out in the middle of the evening to finish every single leg, they’ve only got the camera and audio crews with me. There is no producer or director telling them what to do. Due to the fact of that, it is pretty raw, truthful and open. I know shows like The Bachelor are pretty heavily created, but what you see actually is what you get on this show. I am proud of what we’re placing to air, and I assume the truth that there is a excellent prize at the finish also tends to make it various to most reality shows that are on Television suitable now. Folks are seeking for an chance to transform their lives with the money prize, some of the contestants required the income for their loved ones. The show is going to transform people’s lives, and hopefully we’ll get persons watching it.

PS: I’ve noticed the cast is pretty diverse when it comes to race, religion and sexuality. A lack of diversity has been an problem on quite a few other reality shows, what are your thoughts on the significance of diversity on screen?

Beau: Yeah it was enormous, and it was enormous for me. When I took on the show I knew it required to be diverse, and I was positive that the persons casting would retain that in thoughts, despite the fact that I assume I even underestimated them in the finish! I’ve got buddies from all walks of life, buddies of all various sexualities, backgrounds and colours. It is vital to me, and it was a have to for me if I was placing my name to the show and going to host it. It is super really hard to hit each and every background, but I assume they nailed it. At the exact same time, you cannot just have persons on the show since of their background, they require to be invested in the show. But yeah, it could not have been cast greater!

PS: What do you assume was the most complicated aspect of the race for the contestants?

Beau: Sleep deprivation! Also, never underestimate the truth that they had no phones. A handful of of them had young little ones, which produced that super really hard. I imply, I struggled to be away from my household for 5 weeks with a telephone. There had been several issues, the brutality of the circumstances and the components as properly, no matter whether it was the heat in the desert, or a monsoon. But there is just practically nothing like the sleep deprivation of possessing to run off two hours sleep a evening.

PS: What shocked you the most about the knowledge of filming the show?

Beau: I assume it was the quantity of power I got from other persons. It was super really hard, but I got so significantly power from the cast and crew about me, and I drew strength from them and how they handled the circumstances. I believed I’d struggle extra than I in fact did, I got a lot of inspiration from the teams, and I count on Australia will as properly.

PS: How do you assume you’d personally fare as a contestant on the show?

Beau: Not excellent! I imply if I did it with my wife it’d be all more than, since my wife’s usually suitable! I assume you’d ideally do it with a sibling or a close mate, since you have got to get rid of oneself from your feelings and feelings for that particular person. But it is really hard, it’d be as well really hard for me with no my household or little ones.

PS: Which group do you assume us viewers really should retain an eye on?

Beau: Right after the very first couples of episodes, everyone can win. But Rowah and Amani, a mother and daughter from western Sydney, have got a large story and they had been actually inspirational. They’ve been to hell and back in their private lives and they had been terrific. Even Viv and Joey, who are completely grown persons but shorter than my little ones had been incredibly surprising with how they went. The point about the show is that it depends on how you deal with stress, and a lot of persons adapt to the circumstances, but some of the persons like myself struggled in South East Asia exactly where it was actually hot. As soon as we got to Africa when only half the teams had been left, that is when it got down and dirty and it got actual.

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