On this day in 1966, CBS preempted the sitcom My 3 Sons to debut what has come to be a seasonal classic, It really is the Fantastic Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. The animated specific, featuring Charles Shultz’s well known comic strip characters, revolves about Linus van Pelt’s belief that the “Fantastic Pumpkin” will seem in the pumpkin patch on Halloween evening.

CBS aired the specific via 2000. Considering the fact that 2001, it has been presented by ABC. (Sharp-eyed viewers, even so, have noticed that segments of the show have been shaved to make space for advertisements when the specific is broadcast in a half-hour timeslot and not coupled with a second animated Peanuts specific. For these who never want to miss a second of the original show, we propose buying it on Immediate video, DVD or Blu-Ray.)