Jennifer Aniston Julia Roberts Fight Hollywood

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Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts never ever got into a fight that divided Hollywood, but specifically one particular year ago nowadays, a tabloid came up with that phony narrative. Gossip Cop debunked the story when it 1st emerged. It remains false.

On October 27, 2018, NW falsely claimed Aniston and Roberts have been feuding and their popular good friends have been all selecting sides. The supposed battle was stated to be more than who’s Television series would be a larger hit. As we noted final year, the premise produced really small sense. Roberts’ Amazon show Homecoming debuted in November 2018, though Aniston’s Apple series The Morning Show is premiering subsequent month, a complete year later. The two shows are not in any sort of competitors with every other. In truth, production on The Morning Show didn’t wrap till this previous May perhaps, a complete six months right after the magazine came up with its fake storyline.

Nonetheless, a so-known as “source” told the tabloid final year that Aniston and Roberts’ rift had “become awkward for all of their mutual good friends,” which includes Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon. All 3 actresses have been have been stated to be siding with Aniston mainly because they felt they had no other decision. George Clooney, nonetheless, was stated to be on Group Roberts mainly because his friendship with his Ocean’s Eleven co-star was “stronger.” A different A-lister stated to be in Roberts’ corner was Meryl Streep.

Not only did Aniston’s spokesperson inform us on the record that the feud rumors have been nonsense, but the identical week they emerged, Aniston and Roberts each attended the InStyle Awards. E! News, which covered the occasion, reported that the two actresses “spent a lot of time” with each other in the course of the show, and have been spotted “chatting with each other in the course of the intermission.” In spite of the magazine’s poorly-timed story, it was currently clear final October that the two stars get along terrific.

Just final week, Aniston gave a shoutout to Roberts’ 1999 film Notting Hill in a funny Instagram post. The Buddies star referenced that film’s iconic line, “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to appreciate her,” but presents her personal variation on it. If Aniston was in some sort of vicious feud with Roberts, it goes without the need of saying that she wouldn’t be referencing one particular of the fellow actress’s motion pictures.

In the time considering that we corrected NW’s story final year, the outlet has thrown Roberts into imaginary feuds with each Charlize Theron and Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, the tabloids have produced so quite a few fake feuds in between Aniston and Witherspoon, her co-star on The Morning Show, that we devoted an complete write-up to the subject. This recurring thought that Aniston and Roberts do not get along with every other or any person else is baseless.


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