Welcome to Episode 7 of Survivor Brothers: The Ultimate Unofficial Podcast From Television Guide. In this episode, hosts Lance Cartelli and Fox Van Allen, from the Major Brother Brothers podcast, talk about the most current episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols, “Do not Bite the Hand That Feeds You,” which saw ex-hockey pro Tom Laidlaw sent to the ultimate penalty box (i.e. he was eliminated).

In this week’s episode, the Survivor Brothers detail Dean Kowalski’s detective expertise as he tries to ascertain who blindsided his ally – and attainable showmance – Chelsea Walker.

But that is not all the Survivor Brothers talk about in this week’s podcast.

What did the hosts feel about the inevitable tribe swap? Is the Lairo tribe totally dead? Will Karishma’s survival expertise get her to the final 3? Will Vokai ever go to Tribal Council — and who could be in problems if they do? Which castaway was providing off big Anakin Skywalker vibes? Plus, the Survivor Brothers chat about the extremely subtle Applebee’s industrial that was the reward challenge.

You are going to get the answers to all these queries — and much more — on this week’s episode of Survivor Brothers.

Remain tuned till the finish of the episode to hear who the Survivor Brothers choose as this week’s Survivor standout — and their “Goat of the Week.”

Listen to this week’s Survivor Brothers for all the buzz, or watch the YouTube video under.

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