The Forum of South African Firms in Uganda Hosts Inaugural Company Summit


Summit Aimed at Harnessing Partnerships amongst Ugandan and S. African enterprises 

The Forum of South African Firms in Uganda (FOSABU) with the assistance of the South African Higher Commission-Uganda have held the inaugural organization Summit aimed at advertising partnerships amongst Ugandan and South African enterprises.

FOSABU is a organization association that was formed in 2015 and comprises  of South African organizations performing organization in Uganda and other organizations operating in Uganda that have robust linkages to South Africa.

H.E. Professor (Key Basic (rtd) – LekoaSolly Mollo, Chairperson FOSABU mentioned, “This summit presented an chance for each nations to leverage and develop partnerships to enhance financial development. These days, additional South African Firms are looking for possibilities to not only expand their export marketplace but also cultivate mutually helpful partnerships with Ugandan partners.”

H.E. Professor (Key Basic (rtd) – Lekoa Solly Mollo, Chairperson FOSABU speaking for the duration of the summit.

According to statistics from FOSABU, additional than 70 South African organizations are registered in Uganda and are estimated to have invested $two.four billion. By means of these investments, South African enterprises have contributed to Uganda’s development by way of creation of job creation, expertise transfer, contribution in taxes and development in many sectors of the economy.

The summit organized below the theme “Trade The connector and driver of Inclusive development In Africa,” attracted  more than 500 delegates comprising of South African organizations performing enterprises in Uganda and their neighborhood organization partners and other stakeholders.

H.E. Professor (Key Basic (rtd) – LekoaSolly Mollo mentioned the theme for our summit “Trade The connector and driver of Inclusive development in Africa” supplied a special platform for an open engagement to strengthen the way of performing organization. “We need to discover the contexts for entrepreneurship in Africa and how it can be understood inside our historical, institutional and social contexts,” he mentioned.

Adding,  “Over the years Uganda and South Africa have had fantastic relations as strategic partners in advertising trade and investment. Bilateral relations amongst the two nations have been strengthened with the establishment of the South Africa-Uganda Joint Commission of Cooperation and as such, trade amongst each nations has been facilitated as enterprises love the financial added benefits resulting from many bilateral agreements in spot,”

Trade amongst South Africa and Uganda wants to scale up in particular for the advantage of Uganda. By 2016, Uganda’s imports from South Africa have been valued at $215 million against Uganda’s exports worth $17million.

Mr Patrick Mweheire, the Vice Chairman FOSABU and Chief Executive Stanbic Bank Uganda mentioned, “Uganda’s economy is expanding northwards of six% in a very integrated regional marketplace which is currently attracting important levels of Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) relative to GDP. Even just before Uganda’s present oil and gas possible is taken into account, the nation presents apowerful investment case.”

Adding, “Ugandan organizations can develop a lot additional by forging partnerships with South African organizations which have the possible to open other markets for Ugandan foods. The scale of worldwide investment in Uganda to date provides broader possibilities for development by way of neighborhood partnerships. Uganda presents an chance to leverage minority interest in higher-development organizations quickly expanding across a single of the world’s quickest expanding regions.”

In addition, with an emerging oil and gas sector, Uganda presents an immense chance for enhanced trade, improvement and deeper financial integration with South Africa.


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