Involving the onslaught of correct crime dramas, the day-to-day news (*ahem* Brexit) and harrowing nature documentaries highlighting the extent of climate modify, our sofa sessions have come to be jam-packed with a continuous stream of the undesirable, sad and scary. And from time to time a gurl just wants a break. The answer? Self-care Television.

Right here at GLAMOUR, we’re defining self-care Television as the light-hearted, bingeable series that call for tiny concentration. The variety your boyfriend will refuse to watch and your parents may possibly roll their eyes more than but in actual reality, they’re the excellent antidote to the harsh realities of life.

Trust us, these actually are the greatest Television series of all time

Cancel your plans and make your way by way of our edit of the ultimate self-care Television series. They may well not be superior for the brain cells but they’re superior for the soul.