San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders warms up just before an NFL football game against the Carolina Panthers in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — Right here is the reside weblog for the 49ers’ Week eight game against the Carolina Panthers. I will update this with info and evaluation from the press box.

11:38 These are the 49ers’ inactives:

  1. WR Marquise Goodwin
  2. CB Ahkello Witherspoon
  3. FB Kyle Juszczyk
  4. OT Joe Staley
  5. OT Mike McGlinchey
  6. DT Jullian Taylor
  7. QB C.J. Beathard

12:47 These are the Panthers’ inactives:

  1. QB Cam Newton
  2. OT Greg Small
  3. EDGE Christian Miller
  4. OL Bryan Witzmann
  5. DE Bryan Cox Jr.
  6. WR Greg Dortch

1:02 The 49ers will get the opening kickoff.

1:13 On second and target from the 4, Jimmy Garoppolo throws a touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders, who ran a speedy out route from the slot. The 49ers lead 7- soon after an 11-play, 75-yard drive, which was impeccably made by Kyle Shanahan. Jimmy Garoppolo’s longest completion was a 15-yard backhanded shovel pass to Matt Breida for 15 yards. And the 49ers had their very first explosive run considering that Kyle Juszczyk went down — a 22-yard acquire by Tevin Coleman. The play was an RPO from the shotgun, and the blocking was outdoors zone to the left.

1:19 On third and 5, Nick Bosa beats ideal tackle Taylor Moton and sacks Kyle Allen. The Panthers go 3 and out. The 49ers will start out their second offensive series from their 38. Garoppolo threw the ball to Sanders 3 instances throughout the opening series.

1:23 1st play, Garoppolo forces a pass to his second study, George Kittle, who is not open. Luke Kuechly intercepts the pass. Hello, Undesirable Jimmy.

1:25 On third and 5 from the 49ers 21, Arik Armstead sacks Allen for a loss of two. The Panthers make a 41-yard field target. The 49ers lead 7-three. The Panthers fail to take benefit of a enormous chance, just as the Steelers did Week three against the 49ers.

1:37 On second and 11 from the Panthers 19, Shanahan calls a further RPO for Coleman, who runs 19 yards for the touchdown. The RPO has revived the 49ers’ operating game, which has been D.O.A. considering that Kyle Juszczyk got hurt. Kyle Shanahan has adapted so nicely this season. The 49ers lead 14-three.

1:42 The very first quarter ends. The Panthers will face very first and 10 from the 21 when the second quarter begins.

1:47 On second and 11 from the 20, Emmanuel Moseley intercepts Allen. The 49ers get the ball at the Panthers 27.

1:50 On second and target from the 10, Garoppolo throws a screeen pass to Coleman, who runs 10 yards and scores very easily. The 49ers lead 21-three. Shanahan is killing the Panthers basically with runs and screen passes. Remarkable.

1:57 On second and 15 from the Panthers 48, D.J. Jones sacks Allen. The Panthers punt two plays later. The 49ers get the ball at their 33.

two:06 On second and 10 from the Panthers 48, Eric Reid blitzes, beats Ross Dwelley and sacks Garoppolo for a 16-yard loss. The 49ers punt two plays later. The Panthers get the ball at their seven-yard line.

two:13 Arik Armstead sacks Allen on third and 5 from the Panthers 42. The 49ers have sacked Allen 4 instances in the very first half. They get the ball at their 37.

two:20 On very first and 5 from the 49ers 48, Coleman runs 48 yards untouched for a touchdown. The further point is no fantastic simply because Wishnowsky pulled the ball to keep away from a blocked kick. The 49ers lead 27-three.

two:27 Bosa sacks Allen twice throughout this drive and the Panthers punt with 50 seconds left in the half. The 49ers get the ball at their 25.

two:48 Allen throws a deep incomplete pass on third and 10 from Carolina’s 42. The Panthers’ punt bounces out of bounds at the 49ers two-yard line.

two:51 On second and 7 from the 49ers 5 yard line, Shanahan calls a pass with a seven-step drop, and Justin Skule offers up a sack/security to Bruce Irvin. Confident/reckless get in touch with by Shanahan that close to his personal finish zone. The 49ers lead 27-five, and the Panthers will get the ball.

two:54 The Panthers start out from their 49.

two:57 On second and 10 from the 49ers 40, McCaffrey runs 40 yards untouched for a touchdown. The Panthers are going for two.

two:59. Ronald Blair jumps offside. The Panthers attempt once more from the a single yard line and McCaffrey crosses the target line. The 49ers trail 27-13. They have let the Panthers back in this game.

three:08 On very first and 10 from the 20, Garoppolo hands off to Deebo Samuel, who runs an finish about and scores a touchdown. Exceptional play design and style by Kyle Shanahan. His red-zone offense has been phenomenal right now.

three:14 The Panthers commit an illegal block above the waist on very first and 10, then go 3-and-out. They’ve lost the will to compete.

three:19 On third and 4 from the 39, Garoppolo scrambles and gets sacked by Irvin. The 49ers punt and down the ball at the Panthers’ two-yard line.

three:23 On third and 12 from the Panthers 11, Allen throws an interception straight to Richard Sherman, who was in the ideal spot at the ideal time. He returns the ball to the Panthers 10.

three:26 Eric Reid commits pass interference on a pass intended for George Kittle in the finish zone. Subsequent play, Coleman runs into the finish zone from a single yard out. The 49ers leadd 41-13. What a beat down.

three:31 On very first and 10 from the 49ers’ 38, Allen throws a pass straight to Bosa, who intercepts it and runs 46 yards to the Panthers’ eight-yard line. What an wonderful play.

three:36 Gould tends to make a 20-yard field target and the 49ers lead 44-13.

three:58 The 49ers pull their starters. Nick Mullens enters the game for Garoppolo. 1st play of the drive, Mullens hands off to Raheem Mostert who runs 41 yards for the touchdown. The 49ers lead 51-13.