7 issues you did not know about Only Fools and Horses legend Sir David Jason


David Jason was pretty much in Dad’s Army and he can fly a helicopter…

David Jason, 79, is finest recognized for playing Derek “Del Boy” Trotter in Only Fools and Horses and Granville in Nevertheless Open All Hours, which is at the moment displaying on BBC1.

Through his legendary profession, David has also starred in a large quantity of other hits like The Darling Buds of Might and A Touch of Frost. But what about the man himself?

Here’s 7 issues you didn’t know about Only Fools star Sir David Jason…

1. David Jason’s actual name is not David Jason!

David Jason was truly born David John White on twond February 1940 in Edmonton, Middlesex. And like several actors he took a stage name. He after revealed throughout a tv interview that he picked out the name David Jason due to his enjoy of the classic 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts. David began out in amateur theatre in North London. “I just identified, for some cause, that I identified with it, I was truly really great at it, I enjoyed it” he after told us.

two. David was convinced The Darling Buds of Might was going to either be a large hit or a large flop!

David Jason with Catherine Zeta Jones in their Darling Buds of May days

Perfick! David Jason with his Darling Buds of Might co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones (Image: Getty Photos)

David famously starred as Sidney “Pop” Larkin alongside future Hollywood film star Catherine Zeta-Jones in ITV’s The Darling Buds of Might, which was primarily based on the books by H.E. Bates.

David after told us: “When I 1st study the book when I was 1st supplied the aspect I feel it is fair sufficient to say I stated to my agent at the time, ‘Well this will either be a large results or it will be a large flop” and she stated: ‘Why?’ and I replied: ‘Because there’s nothing at all in it’.” It turned out David needn’t have worried!

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three. He is a certified helicopter pilot

David is an skilled helicopter pilot. He after told the Every day Telegraph that he began flying when he was only 28. “I never ever believed I was academically gifted at college. But when I began flying I identified you didn’t want an academic thoughts – you just necessary determination and dedication.”

four. David Jason has one particular daughter

David Jason with his daughter

David Jason with his daughter Sophie Mae at a current occasion (Image: Getty Photos)

David became a dad for the 1st time aged 61 in 2001 when his companion, now wife, Gill Hinchcliffe gave birth to a infant girl.

Speaking about why they known as their daughter Sophie Mae, David revealed at the time: “We didn’t decide on her name till right after she was born. She’s not named right after any one in either of our households, but we just liked the name and it seemed to suit her completely.”

five. David Jason kept some quite particular souvenirs from Only Fools and Horses

David Jason in Only Fools with Nicholas Lyndhurst and Lennard Pearce in 1982

David Jason kept some prized mementos from his days as Del Boy (Image: Alamy Stock Photo)

Who can overlook the episode of Only Fools when Del Boy “discovered” Peckham Spring on his allotment and began promoting tap water to the nation?! Nicely David revealed that he kept some as a souvenir! “I’ve got a couple of bottles of Peckham Spring water,” he after told The Mirror. “I’ll retain them for ever. I will not drink them. Soon after all, it is BBC water and not only that, would you drink some thing Del Trotter had produced?”

six. David’s older brother is also an actor!

David, whose twin brother sadly died throughout childbirth, has an older brother Arthur White, who’s also an actor. Need to be in the blood! Arthur appeared alongside David in 27 episodes of A Touch of Frost as archivist Ernie Trigg and he worked alongside David once more in the comedy fantasy The Colour of Magic. Arthur’s enjoyed quite a few other components in shows like Crossroads and The Pros.

7. Do not panic! David pretty much played Lance-Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army!!

Dad's Army star Clive Dunn as Jones

Clive Dunn as Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army, a aspect David pretty much played! (Image: Alamy Stock Photo)

David was a whisker away from playing Lance-Corporal Jones in classic comedy Dad’s Army. Clive Dunn, who famously ended up playing Jones, had been approached but initially couldn’t take the function due to a filming clash.

David recalled on This Morning after: “I came up for the aspect in the morning and at 12 o’clock they stated, ‘You’ve got the part’. I was elated. This was going to be a large deal for me.” But later David found he’d been ditched for Clive, who’d identified out he was free of charge right after all. “They dumped me,” David recalled. It didn’t function out badly for David or Clive even though!


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