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Felicity Huffman Sentenced to 14 Days in Prison!

By the time Felicity Huffman ultimately received her 14-day federal prison sentence, several of us currently believed that she was just going to get a slap on the wrist anyway. She reduce a plea deal early and admitted to her crimes repeatedly, despite the fact that she did attempt to argue that she was merely going overboard for her “severely mastering disabled” daughters. Anyway, Felicity ultimately had to go to prison and she did just that on October 15th, when she started her sentence at a low-safety prison in Dublin, California. Guess what? She didn’t even have to do the complete 14 days.

Actress Felicity Huffman was released from federal prison in Northern California on Friday just after serving below two weeks for her function in a huge college admissions scandal. Huffman started her 14-day sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution, a low-safety prison with about 1,200 female inmates, in Dublin, California, east of San Francisco, on Oct. 15.

Huffman was set to be released from prison Sunday, according to prison records, even although that was the 13th day of her sentence. She was released Friday as is regular policy for inmates who are set to be released on weekends, according to a prison official.

[From NBC News]

It was generally going to really feel like Felicity largely skated by way of that, specially when it was clear that prosecutors have been generally only asking for her to do *some* prison time to save face. The 14-day sentence was a joke, and letting her out just after 11 days feels like a different joke. But what ever – it is more than now. And now that Felicity is absolutely free, people today are lining up to get Felicity’s initially Television interview:

Felicity Huffman is one particular of the most sought just after actresses in Hollywood now that she’s out of prison … but the people today looking for her out are key Television anchors angling for the initially interview. Sources with direct understanding inform TMZ … ahead of Felicity went to FCI Dublin to serve her 11-day sentence, she was approached by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, CBS’s Gayle King, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos … all of whom pitched why they have been the finest selection. We’re told the CBS pitch was that their morning show is significantly less “salacious” than ABC or NBC.

We’re told Felicity took it all in but hasn’t decided who, if any one, she feels comfy with to sit down and speak. In reality, we’re told there’s a extremely superior likelihood she will not do any interview.

[From TMZ]

If I had performed a thing incorrect and walked away from 11 days in prison somewhat humbled, who would I give my initially interview to? Probably… Anderson Cooper. But Felicity will most likely want to speak to a lady if she does speak. Ooh, perhaps she’ll hold out for Diane Sawyer. Diane nonetheless does these interviews for ABC specials. I could see that. But what’s extra most likely is that Felicity will wait till she has a thing to market. Like… a book? I wonder if any one has approached her about carrying out a book.

Felicity Huffman pleads guilty in college admissions scheme!

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