by Bryan Dietzler

The three-three Chicago Bears will play host to the two-five Los Angeles Chargers this Sunday at noon at Soldier Field. The Bears are coming off a crushing loss to the New Orleans Saints when the Chargers lost to the Tennessee Titans final week.

This game will function two teams that are reeling and have to have to uncover some answers. The Bears are struggling proper now and have to have to uncover themselves.

Will this be a bounce-back game for the Bears? Will they be in a position to proper the ship, or will they stay stuck spiraling downwards?

Let’s appear at the Bears versus the Chargers game, by the numbers, and make a prediction as to who will win the game.

Bears on Offense

The Bears offense, in a word, is terrible. They can not run the ball. They can only look to pass it a tiny bit and not even that nicely.

Their offense is a shamble.

If you go by the numbers, it is a sad story. They are 26th in the league scoring points finding just 18.7 per game. Their total yardage per game is 30th at 263.7 yards per game. They are passing for a paltry 193.7 yards per game, which is superior for 29th and the rushing attack is 28th averaging 70 yards per game.


The Bears have regressed all the way about. Ideal now, the only one particular playing any sort of superior football is Allen Robinson. He’s finding the ball a great deal far more, maybe far more than he ought to be, and really is quarterback Mitchell Trubisky’s security blanket. If he was to get injured, the Bears could possibly not be in a position to move the ball at all at the price they are going.

This ought to be the game that the Bears do superior on offense in. One thing has to give. They have to run the ball far more, they have to get the ball to distinctive receivers.

If they do not, the season is lost.

I would appear for Head Coach Matt Nagy to do what he mentioned he was going to do and that is run the football far more. I believe that the Bears will attempt to get Tarik Cohen, Mike Davis and David Montgomery going as a great deal as doable to take some of the heat off Trubisky and make their offense a great deal far more balanced. He ought to understand that the operating game sets almost everything up.

If the Bears do not run, the season is lost.

The Chargers’ defense is not terrible at all in spite of their record. Their permitting 20.1 points per game leaves them 10th in the NFL. Their total yards permitted is 333.three, superior for 11th, and they permit an typical of 216.1 by means of the air (5th) and 117.1 (22nd) on the ground. As you can see, there is some area for the Bears to run on this defense.

Can Chicago get their rushing game going? They ought to and it all begins up front with the offensive line as nicely as what the coaching employees decides to do. The offensive line wants to get a superior push forward to aid the operating back acquire these challenging additional yards. The coaching employees also wants to maintain operating the ball even if they do not acquire yards on some of the carries. It appears they run the ball, do not acquire any yards and then freak out. Then, they just throw it.

This ought to cease.

There are 3 extremely capable operating backs that are prepared to play. Davis, Cohen, and Montgomery are all capable of carrying the football correctly. They just have to have to get the carries. I practically bet that the operating game will get going against the Chargers this weekend recognizing what’s at stake for the Bears. I bet that they run it far more than ten instances to establish a rhythm and maintain the stress off of Trubisky permitting him to do what he does most effective.

But what does Trubisky do most effective?

He throws nicely on the run and the Bears are not permitting him to make plays with his feet and arm in concert with one particular a further. As an alternative, they are getting him stand in the pocket and throw the ball. Moving him about would aid him not only keep away from the rush but permit him to make plays.

There are instances when you have to have to modify factors up to play to the strengths of the player involved. The Bears are not carrying out that and that is why they are losing.

They have to have to take a step back, operate with Trubisky and get moving in the proper path. Is it going to occur this year, it can but with every single loss, it grows far more or far more most likely that key modifications are required and the Bears will take a handful of actions back this season.

Bears on Defense

The Bears defense has regressed just as terrible as the offense has and wants a lot of aid. It is doable it could be due to the truth they are on the field far more thanks to an inept offense. Or, it could have anything to do with Akiem Hicks, the rock up front, getting out. Either way, this group is not what it utilized to be and anything wants to modify to get them back into type and in a position to aid the offense.

Statistically, the Bears’ defense keeps sinking reduced and reduced. They are nevertheless ranked 5th in points, providing up 17.five points per game. The Chargers’ offense is selecting up 20 points a game creating them the 24th ranked scoring offense in the league. This bodes nicely for the Bears’ defense.

Giving Chicago’s offense can score.

When it comes to total yards per game, Chicago’s defense is 10th, permitting 330.eight yards per game. The Chargers’ offense is selecting up 367.7 yards per game which is superior for 14th. The Bears will have to play a great deal superior on defense to aid maintain the Chargers at bay.

San Diego has quarterback Phillip Rivers and he can throw the ball nicely and for the most component, Rivers has been hot. His Chargers are ranked 3rd in the league throwing for 293.four yards per game. The Bears pass defense is ranked 13th and is permitting 236.five yards per game. This appears like it could be a bit of a difficulty for the Bears specially if they can’t get a pass rush going which they haven’t had results carrying out the final two games.

Khalil Mack and Leonard Floyd have to have to get going and get a pass rush so they can aid the defense place the Chargers’ offense to rest.

The rushing game has been terrible news for the Bears in the final couple of games. They are permitting 94.three yards per rush which is a great deal greater than earlier this year. They have been gashed the final couple of weeks and it shows in the numbers. The Chargers, with operating back Melvin Gordon major the way, are gaining 74.three yards per game on the ground which is a lowly 27th. Hopefully, they do not have an epiphany and run all more than the Bears in this game. Chicago ought to shut down the run.

But can they do it without having Hicks? Other players ought to step up and aid take the lead. Will they ultimately do it?

Particular Teams

Particular teams have been electric as far as kick returns go, final week, as Cordarrelle Patterson ran a kick back for a touchdown. He was bound to do that this year. The punting game was significantly less successful getting two punts blocked. Hopefully, the coaching employees has corrected what ever was incorrect with the blocking on punts and blocks do not occur once again.

Kicker Eddie Pinero is proper on the spot 100% of the time. The Bears produced a superior option maintaining him as their kicker. And when he is not finding his punts blocked, Pat O’Donnell is a extremely superior punter.

We have to have to see just a tiny far more out of Cohen returning punts. Possibly he can break a further extended one particular and get the Bears superior field position.


Nagy is taking his lumps in the press and has a lot to discover nevertheless. Was he as superior as the Bears believed he was just after final year’s overall performance or was final year a fluke? We are about to uncover out. It does seem that he has an edge more than Chargers coach, Anthony Lynn but it is close.


Think it or not, the injury bug did not bite the Bears that terrible in their final game, so the injury report is light.

Right here is the injury report for each teams.

Chicago Bears

Sherrick McMannis-CB-Concussion-He is most likely out for this game.

San Diego Chargers

Cortex Broughton-DT-Illness-He hasn’t practiced all week and may perhaps not play on Sunday.

Justin Jones-DT-Shoulder-Jones hasn’t practiced all week and is doubtful to play on Sunday.

Nasir Adderly-S-Hamstring-Adderly has not practiced all week and is doubtful for Sunday.

Melvin Ingram-RB-Hamstring-He was restricted in practice this week and is most likely to play on Sunday.

Brandon Mebane-NT-Knee-Mebane has not practiced all week and is doubtful for Sunday’s game.

Derek Watt-FB-Knee-Watt is going to be a game-time choice just after getting not practiced or practiced on a restricted basis this week.

Justin Jackson-RB-Calf-Jackson was restricted in practice this week and ought to be a game-time choice.

Denzel Perryman-LB-Ankle-Perryman practiced in complete this week and ought to be in a position to play.

Uchenna Nwosu-LB-Hip-Nwosu practiced in complete this week and ought to play Sunday.

Keenan Allen-WR-Hamstring-Allen did not practice on Thursday and may perhaps not play on Sunday.

Damion Square-NT-Hamstring-Square was restricted in practice this week.

Thomas Davis Sr.-LB-Not Injury Connected-Davis didn’t practice on Thursday. We are unsure of his status for Sunday.

Michael Badgley-K-Groin-Badgley practiced in complete and it appears like he will play Sunday.

Score Prediction

The Bears have to have this win to aid maintain pace with the rest of the division and plot their course for the playoffs. If they can pull out a win right here, they ought to be, at the least, a tiny back on track. If they drop, factors are going to get ugly.

Chicago 24 San Diego 17