There is a thing risky about social media


Lisa Snowdon says there is “a thing risky” about social media.

Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon

The 47-year-old model and presenter has a “like hate” connection with Instagram, and says that while she loves that it provides her the capacity to connect with her fans, she thinks it really is essential to “step away” from the platform every single now and once more.

She stated: “I like that interaction but there is a thing risky. A buddy mentions somebody else and, just before you know it, you happen to be spiralling into comparisons. It is fabulous for specific points but, occasionally, you have to step away. “

The radio host is determined to post “actual photos” on her Instagram account rather than points that are heavily edited, as she desires her followers to know that she does not constantly “appear [her] very best”.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday’s Bizarre column, she added: “I attempt to post actual photos – when I am not searching my very best, exactly where I’ve just worked out and appear sweaty. Then if I post a actually healthier fitness image, the people today that comply with me know I’ve worked challenging.”

Lisa is keen on sharing her recommendations to a healthier life-style, and revealed in May possibly this year that she now eats all her meals with chopsticks simply because they make her consume slower, and thus she feels fuller faster.

She explained: “It is weird, but it tends to make me consume a lot more gradually. If I am hungry and I use a fork, I shovel meals in like an absolute cannibal, but with chopsticks I chew a lot more and it requires longer. It is a very good technique to trick myself into consuming much less.”

The star got her diet regime concept from a trip to Japan, exactly where she says the people today she met took time to “appreciate meals”.

She stated: “I’d just got back from Japan. It is just about taking time and appreciating meals, specifically if you have taken time to cook it. If I get residence and I’ve got a fork I am actually like [shovelling it]. I am not even stopping for air. In Japan, we had been a bit a lot more dainty, it was a bit a lot more regarded as, we ate a lot more gradually and got fuller a lot more rapidly and for longer.”


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