Bucs Monday Mailbag: Licht And Perriman’s Future, Leftwich’s Quick Leash


The PR Bucs Monday Mailbag is exactly where PewterReport.com’s Mark Cook answers your queries from our Twitter account. You can submit your query every week by way of Twitter making use of the hashtag #PRMailbag.

Under are the queries we chose for this week’s edition of the PR Bucs Monday Mailbag.

Query: Jason Licht’s franchise QB is a train wreck. His second-round CB was a healthier scratch (M.J. Stewart) His third-round security (Mike Edwards) sat on the bench although Andrew Adams began, his offensive play-caller (Byron Leftwich) known as 3 plays for Dare Ogunbowale in the red zone, and his hand-picked coach (Bruce Arians) is two-five. Is this ultimately the finish for him?

Answer: I will not argue any of these points you have produced. I cannot defend any of them, honestly, and you are right in all that you mentioned. And Jason Licht’s tenure in Tampa Bay is most probably on shaky ground. We can debate all evening extended about his 31-58 all round record as a common manger, and what picks have been great and which ones have been negative. But at the finish of the day, it is all about achievement of the group, and when you appear at his all round record it is just not great. That is not up for debate, and Licht would be the initial to say this group hasn’t won sufficient games below his watch.

Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer and GM Jason Licht - Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR
Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer and GM Jason Licht – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

But in spite of how we really feel about Licht, who I personally like and believe his draft record is not as negative as some fans may perhaps think, the only opinion that matters is the that of the Glazers. At the finish of the season, just like all elements of the franchise, Licht will be evaluated by ownership. And head coach Bruce Arians may perhaps have some input. All we can do is wait and see how this group develops – or implodes – more than the subsequent nine games. Licht, like quarterback Jameis Winston, may perhaps be auditioning for his Bucs profession to continue in Tampa Bay more than these final nine games.

Query: Any explanation they cannot reduce Breshad Perriman and line up Cameron Brate and/or O.J. Howard exactly where a wide receiver may possibly line up and take benefit of their getting prowess just like the Chiefs do with tight finish Travis Kelce?

Answer: It possibly cannot be any worse. I do not know that that is the best answer for the trouble but in seven games Perriman has but to make an impactful play and appears to be a single of the team’s worst no cost agent signings. The great news is it was just a a single-year deal, so the Bucs can move on at any point and not be on the hook for dead cap dollars in 2020.

Bucs WR Breshad Perriman
Bucs WR Breshad Perriman – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Why Perriman has struggled to do substantially is a mystery of sorts. Of course it is not like he has had any kind of main achievement in the course of his short NFL profession, but the group was hopeful his second half of the 2018 season with the Browns would continue when he got to Tampa Bay. That just hasn’t occurred, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see the group move on from Perriman this week, a move that would acquire them a compensatory choose, most probably a fifth but a attainable fourth. Whilst Scotty Miller hasn’t carried out substantially with his possibilities and Bobo Wilson lately reduce, you have to appear more than the roster to see who may possibly be the subsequent man up. Justin Watson perhaps? But how negative has he been in practice to not be capable to take any reps from Wilson, Miller and Perriman?

As far as splitting a tight finish and making use of them as a wide receiver, there is a explanation they are tight ends. They use the tight ends in blocking for the run game and even as athletic as Howard is, he does not have the identical skillset as a receiver, or effectively, he would be a wide receiver. And the playbook is created with all of the receivers operating with each other in the pass game, irrespective of whether they are key targets or even just decoys. The timing of the routes have to be precise even if a WR3 is not there, but to clear factors out for a Mike Evans or Chris Godwin. Essentially it is a lot a lot more difficult than just operating somebody to the other side of the field off Evans and asking them to run wide receiver routes.

Query: How extended ought to Byron Leftwich’s leash be? He’s been fairly negative at calling plays. When is it sufficient with Peyton Barber to give Ronald Jones II the beginning job?

Answer: The Bucs came in to Sunday’s game at Tennessee with a single of the league’s least effective offenses in the red zone, converting just 54.55 % of their possibilities into touchdowns. On Sunday against the Titans, Tampa Bay was even worse, converting just 50 % of their 4 red zone trips into touchdowns. Meanwhile, the Titans have been 3-of-3 in the red zone (100 %) and beat the Bucs by 4 points as a outcome.

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians and OC Byron Leftwich
Bucs head coach Bruce Arians and OC Byron Leftwich – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

I am speculating but it wouldn’t surprise me to see there be some discussion internally about Arians taking the play calling duties back from Leftwich or at the incredibly least becoming a lot more involved. At the finish of the day it is his reputation and legacy on the line in Tampa Bay. If Arians fails, no a single will keep in mind who the offensive coordinator was. Fast, who was Ray Perkins offensive coordinator? Or for Richard Williamson? I have followed this group my entire life and cannot answer that query off the prime of my head. See my point? All I keep in mind is they have been two incredibly unsuccessful head coaches.

As far as the Barber and Jones debate, I have mentioned it for the final couple of weeks – Jones is the a lot more explosive back and I believe he deserves to be the starter and get the majority of the carries. Personally I do not like the platoon method, but we are not privy to almost everything behind the scenes, so perhaps there is a lot more to it. Pass blocking, studying the playbook, on time for meetings – all of these factors can issue into playing time. We just do not know. At the finish of the day perhaps this is just the way Arians likes factors and believes it is the ideal for the offense.

Query: Has the finger-pointing begun in the Bucs locker area?

Answer: It was a incredibly fascinating locker area in Nashville for positive. Substantially diverse that I have noticed in preceding losses. There was a level of aggravation and anger that I haven’t noticed in a extended time and I am not positive if that is great or negative. But maybe this group is ultimately fed up with losing. Perhaps this group is embarrassed about becoming two-five. And perhaps this sparks some sort of commitment to the coaches and every other.

Bucs Hall of Fame LB Derrick Brooks – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

It took Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks ultimately obtaining sufficient of becoming a joke of a franchise in 1996 to say, “It stops now.” And it did. The Bucs went on the road and upset a incredibly great San Diego group that no a single gave them a opportunity to beat and it led to a second half of the season turnaround. It laid the foundation for a decade extended period of dominance. The trouble right here is, who are the Sapps and Brooks on this group? Is there sufficient leadership?

We will get these answers subsequent week as the 2019 Bucs are in essentially the identical position as the 1996 Bucs. A west coast road game, against a playoff group, and coming off an embarrassing loss. I think we see a lot a lot more fight than most fans believe. I will not contact for an upset like the Bucs have been about to pull off in Jack Murphy Stadium that Sunday afternoon 22 years ago, but I also do not think this group is prepared to lay down and give up.


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