By Ken Levine: Fire update


Welcome to paradise.

I can not believe of anyplace you can reside exactly where you are not in danger of one thing — brush fires, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, avalanches, tornadoes, ice storms, monsoons, arctic blasts, terrorist attacks, volcanoes, you name it.

At present we in Southern California are weathering brush fires. We’ve had quite tiny rain and quite low humidity brought about by fierce Santa Ana winds. It is turned lots of regions into a tinderbox.

Yesterday morning, 10,000 properties have been evacuated on the Westside. I was fortunate (as of this posting). The blaze was on the west side of the 405 Freeway and I’m about 3 miles east. That mentioned, we have been awoken early Monday morning with a warning alert, generally saying have a “Go bag” with essentials prepared really should we require to go. We got the similar warning a couple of years ago when there was the Bel Air fire, despite the fact that that was substantially closer to us. I’m prepared with the essentials – crucial documents, laptops, and my Emmy.

And that reminds me of idiot Dodger outfielder, Pedro Guerrero, who had to evacuate through the Whittier earthquake. He hurt his back hauling out his huge screen Television. What a buffoon.

I will say that at occasions like this Los Angeles truly springs into action. Shelters have been set up for folks and pets, even horses. 1st respondents have been vigilant and unwavering. LA County has an arrangement with other Southern California counties for shared solutions so fire units and helicopters arrived from locations like Bakersfield. Thank you, guys.  If you ever require our Lifeguards…

Come daybreak, firefighters have been in a position to employ super scooper airplanes (12,000 gallon water drops) and planes dusting with retardant. That and the winds dying down helped include the blaze – for now.

But additional heavy winds are anticipated tonight into tomorrow so we’re hardly out of the woods. As a precaution, lots of folks in possible fire regions may have their energy turned off.

Evacuees filled hotels, shelters, workplace offices, and stayed with pals and household members. We place out an invitation to a quantity of our pals.

Other residual effects: Schools have been out so functioning parents had to abruptly contend with that.

The south lanes of the 405 Freeway have been closed in the location, which brought on website traffic nightmares like you can not think. Canyon roads like Beverly Glen and Coldwater have been the only via arteries and not only did that snarl them, but the residential surface streets top to them have been gridlocked. 1 buddy mentioned it took a half hour to pass 3 homes. An additional had to park 3 blocks away from his property.

Such is life in emergency occasions. For these of us fortunate to nevertheless have energy, we had the Television on all day. Most Angelinos watch KTLA, Channel five through these occasions. Most stations have been on it, but  KTLA, Channel five has been a regional station that has led with news coverage considering that they went on the air. KTLA had the very first helicopters. KTLA was the very first station on the scene with wall-to-wall coverage of regional stories like when a tiny girl fell down a nicely in 1949. KTLA was on the air reside through rescue attempts with regional icon Stan Chambers reporting, hour soon after hour. That story however, did not have a pleased ending. (Billy Wilder would take that story thought and turn it into a riveting film, ACE IN THE HOLE, also named THE Massive CARNIVAL,  a handful of years later starring Kirk Douglas.)

For radio there’s only one particular genuine news station left, KNX. When I was hosting Dodger Speak on KABC I was also the fire coverage anchor. My most important objective was to relay information and facts accurately and give a calming presence. I’ll be sincere, I took my cue from KFWB reporter, Jack Popejoy. Sadly, he’s no longer with us, but he was the greatest disaster anchor of all-time. He was also a buddy and I miss him to this day.

Meanwhile, on entertainment internet sites the huge headline is that LeBron James and Kurt Sutter had to evacuate.  

Now in 2019 we get alerts on our telephone. There are internet sites with up-to-the-minute information and facts, and apps so you can monitor air top quality, website traffic circumstances, evacuation zones, and so forth. I believe back to when I was a kid and there was a devastating fire that destroyed substantially of Bel Air. Back then there was no communication amongst fire units, confusion reigned, and lots of additional properties have been lost as a outcome. Once more, today’s technologies and enhanced aircraft are saving thousands of populated acres.

So that is the newest. God bless our fire fighters, police force, and other emergency personnel (on Television newscasts they’re becoming referred to as “heroes”) and for absolutely everyone in harms way, keep secure.


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