Fresh off the launch of his most recent album, Jesus is King, Kanye West has also been creating strides in the style field. Sustainability in style is creating big strides, and Kanye is trailblazing the movement by bringing style production for his brand Yeezy in-property.

In 2015, the rapper, music producer and style designer launched his collaboration with Adidas below the umbrella of Yeezy and had the likes of Rihanna and West’s wife Kim Kardashian projecting it as one particular of the chicest, coolest brands out.

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He’s lately been utilizing his newly purchased property and plot of land as a inventive hub for his music, but also for the expansion and base for Yeezy productions.

“I was hunting for a spot to set up the Yeezy campus. I was like wow, these are essentially the Yeezy tones appropriate right here. It essentially is the palette.” West says in an interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1.

“We’re constructing farms right here since of the climate and since of the soil and hydroponic cotton, wheat, hemp and we’re building our personal fabrics so we’re going to go from seed to sow from the farming table so we can see the whole course of action.”

We’ve lately observed Gucci announce their aim to turn into carbon neutral, and a host of other brands are following suit to cut down their carbon footprint, but West’s aim for a much more controlled, eco-conscious strategy to style production is exemplary of exactly where sustainability should really be heading.

“We’ve got to sustain appropriate? And for me, I know it is an interview and we’re speaking, but the cause why I didn’t want to say 20 years from but six months from now is genuinely not about speaking, it is about undertaking. So we are undertaking, we are in the course of action appropriate now” says West noting the value of taking action with becoming much more sustainable.

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