San Siro prior to Milan-Dudelange on November 29, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Pictures)

Milan and Inter have received an initial ‘yes’ for the stadium project, but a lot about it will have to transform.

The Rossoneri and the Nerazzurri have huge plans to construct a new stadium and redevelop the whole San Siro location, with Populous and Manica/Sportium presenting their respective projects final month.

These days, it became identified that the Milano City Council has provided the green light for the improvement of a new stadium: 27 votes have been in favor, 11 against and 7 abstained. The final choice will be produced by La Giunta, the governing physique of the Milano Municipality.

As reported by Gazzetta.it, ANSA and other people, although the Milano City Council voted in favor of a new stadium, they also imposed 16 situations which the clubs should meet in order for the project to go by way of. The most crucial situation is: the existing San Siro should not be demolished.

The projects of Populous and Manica/Sportium side-by-side. (@acmilan.com)

The Council gave 16 situations that are defined “decisive and unavoidable” for the realization of the project. There is the have to have “to overcome the essential issues” that emerged from the Masterplan presented by Milan and Inter. Amongst other items, it is stated that “the hypothesis of the killing of the Meazza is thought of outdated” and that “a certain proposal should consequently be envisaged with regard to the re-functioning of the current building”. The City believes that the existing San Siro can continue hosting sporting events (Women’s football and Youth Sectors) as nicely as concerts and other -performances. The Council also calls for minimizing the duration of the concession from 90 years.

For that reason, Milan and Inter will have to go back to the drawing board and design and style a new project that will comply with the situations produced by the Council. There’s often a Strategy B for the Rossoneri and the Nerazzurri, and that is creating a new stadium in the Sesto San Giovanni location.

Ahead of the ‘yes’ of the city arrived, Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello, representing Suning, stated, as per Gazzetta.it: “We will listen to the indications to attempt to recognize if the proposal presented with regards to the stadium, albeit modified according to what will be indicated to us, will nevertheless have the financial and monetary sense of sustainability that makes it possible for a project of this size to go ahead.”

Giuseppe Sala in the course of the Milano Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic Games candidate city Presentation in the course of the XXIII ANOC Common Assembly Tokyo 2018 on November 28, 2018. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Pictures)

As reported by ANSA, Milano mayor Giuseppe Sala stated just after the choice of the City Council that “I am content with the favorable opinion, but what I get from it, is that the project of the clubs, as it is now, is not acceptable. So it is from right here that we commence functioning once more at the level of La Giunta. I also voted and I voted in favor. What I assume is that the volumes that have been requested are unrealistic, they are excessive. Now the genuine discussion with the clubs commence.

“I think that the clubs are conscious of the truth that the program they proposed was also a great deal a program in their favor. There are several elements and if we come to an agreement then we’ll get to operate on additional elements. We have to bring this proposal to be a small additional in the interest of the Municipality.”

The road ahead is extremely tricky for a new stadium, but Elliott and Suning look determined to construct a new arena, shared involving Milan and Inter. A good game of politics is nevertheless ahead.