Mercedes McQueen is in the firing line subsequent week when all her betrayals come to light. But which of the Hollyoaks residents is about to point a gun and take aim? Right here we reveal the list of suspects who want the double-crossing landlady dead!…

In May well 2019, Hollyoaks favourite Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) and her lover, Liam Donovan (Jude Monk McGowan) stole Harry Thompson’s car or truck to go joy-riding, but their evening of wild entertaining turned into tragedy when they smashed into Grace Black (Tamara Wall) and left her for dead by the side of the road.

A paralysed Grace ended up in a wheelchair, though Liam and Mercedes who continued to have a passionate affair behind Sylver’s (Mercedes’ husband) back, spent the subsequent couple of months framing Tony’s son Harry Thompson, just before he was brutally murdered by secret serial killer Breda McQueen (Moya Brady).

Mercedes McQueen and Liam Donovan

Subsequent week the SHOCKING TRUTH is ultimately out (see our Television Guide for complete listings) as Mercedes’ lies and deceit are exposed and events culminate when the McQueen mum is shot at close variety! But who pulled the trigger and took aim?

Mercedes (pictured above) has definitely produced a extended list of enemies, all of whom are capable of revenge.

Right here we reveal the list of suspects and ask the actors who play them to share their characters’ motives for committing murder. So the major query is: WHO SHOT MERCEDES in Hollyoaks?


Sylver McQueen

David Tag who plays Sylver says: “Sylver’s motivation could be a quantity of items: firstly, Mercedes has been obtaining an affair with Liam behind Sylver’s back she aborted a child that could have potentially been his, plus there was the car or truck crash exactly where Mercedes ran more than Grace and left her for dead. So there’s a couple of items that could make Sylver rather mad and we know he’s got a poor temper!”


Did Grace Black shoot Mercedes

Tamara Wall who plays Grace says, “Grace has just discovered out that it was Mercedes who ran her more than and place her in a wheelchair so she desires to get her revenge. Mercedes was with Grace’s brother, Liam when the accident occurred but they framed Harry for the reason that it was his car or truck that they had been driving.”


Did Liam Donovan shoot Mercedes McQueen

Jude Monk McGowan who plays Liam says, “They’ve had a incredibly off and on intense partnership for
the final six or seven months and Mercedes has incredibly absolutely decided that it is more than, she’s accomplished this to him just before. He’s seemingly at her beck and contact and Liam is not typically the sort of guy to let that occur. She’s aborted a child that could have been Sylver’s, it could have been Liam’s, so there are lots of causes why, in Liam’s thoughts, shooting her would get rid of a challenge.”


James Nightingale

Gregory Finnegan who plays James says, “James’ motive for shooting Mercedes is that he blames her for fairly a lot every thing poor that has occurred to him and to his ex-boyfriend, Harry, more than the previous couple of months. He has found about the hit and run that Mercedes framed Harry for and he now believes she has silenced Harry and killed him to make certain that the correct story does not come out, so James is hell bent on revenge, or is he?”


Diane Hutchinson

Alex Fletcher who plays Diane says, “Diane’s motive for shooting Mercedes is for the reason that Mercedes let her step-son, Harry take the blame
for operating more than Grace, when in reality that wasn’t the case at all. No one wanted to come to Harry’s funeral for the reason that of that, for the reason that they believed he was such a poor particular person. Diane’s husband Tony went missing for the reason that he was attempting to discover Harry and now he’s disappeared as well, so Diane blames Mercedes for fairly a lot every thing, for the mess that her life’s in at the moment.”


Did Joel Dexter shoot Mercedes

Rory Douglas Speed who plays Joel says: “Joel has a couple of motives: in the weeks earlier he finds Mercedes’ confession that she ran more than Grace and he thinks that Mercedes has also killed Harry. He gets beaten up by Liam and later Mercedes threatens to kill Joel and hurt her personal cousin, Goldie who Joel’s besotted by. The second is that she embarrasses him in front of the entire village and calls him out on his previous blunders when he’s attempting to not be that sort of guy any longer. He’s a Fox at the finish of the day, he’s Warren Fox’s son and thinks that this girl deserves what she gets. Poor Joel is creating an look and we really like poor Joel!”


Breda McQueen

Or could it be serial killer Breda who pulls the gun on her lying cheat of a daughter-in-law? Let’s face it, when it comes to murder, Breda is an professional!

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at six.30pm with the subsequent episode following on E4