Match for an Autopsy songwriter/guitarist and metal producer Will Putney returns to the show this week to go over Match for an Autopsy’s new album The Sea of Tragic Beasts. He tells us the dream that motivated the title of the album, how the traumatic concerns kids in broken houses face influenced it, the optimistic message that the band tries to place forward, and how he utilizes his artistic output to influence the subsequent generation. Will also recounts the course of action of making Physique Count’s No Lives Matter, his story of Physique Count performing at the Grammys pre-taping, and the story of finding dragged off the stage as speedy as doable at the Grammys.

Petar, Brandon, and Sylvia break down the statement released by Chris Adler in regards to his departure from Lamb of God, Zakk Wylde not becoming involved in the new Ozzy solo record, and Danny Carey’s statement about Tool not becoming a metal band.

Songs: “Mirrors” and “Shepherd” by Match For an Autopsy, “The Final Gasp of Street Rock N’ Roll” by Ramallah.

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